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Organic Aloe Vera and yeast Candida Albicans Part III

Updated on February 28, 2009

Really think about this.....

What can help heal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


As we travel down this road on the topic of Candida Albicans and Organic Aloe Vera... and it's relation to the healing powers of this remarkable plant …we have to once again mention it's effective tandem use internally and topically that brings us to understand the true synergistic impact of this healing plant.

While we're talking about this Candida thing...

We must make mention of the therapeutic studies and examine Aloe Vera's powerful affect against numerous microorganisms that continue to increase in both depth and breadth of scope... as does it's impact in wound healing and it's regenerative qualities (Future article).

Is Candida Albicans romancing this thing called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

For the sake of clarity, with all the test on Aloe Vera receiving positive reports, is it any wonder that we ...along with many practitioners now believe that much of the blame for such conditions as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) are caused by this thing ...Candida Albicans!!

With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome now believed to be one of the pervasive and insidious non-lethal pandemics in America, with millions currently being treated unsuccessfully for this condition, as it continues to be a major problem especially in western culture.

Knowing this is on epidemic scale...we try hard to spread the word about Candida Albicans and the use of Aloe Vera, which has been proven very successful in stopping it dead in it's tracks.

Are you beginning to take notice…

We know Organic Aloe Vera is one of the answers to this condition. I draw your attention to a number of studies and laboratory test with Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera against Candida Albicans, in which Aloe Vera was found to be almost 100% effective against the Candida, at only 50% concentration.

In my experience, suffers who drink Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera often have an increase with their energy level. Most users who drink our product, Aloe Pure 5000, enjoy these benefits when drinking the Aloe Vera as suggested for at least 30 days.

One very important point…

Whether you believe it or not...everything that affects your health is interactive. And we are discovering that what goes on in the stomach, small intestines and colon can affect not only your digestive process, but also the entire body. Bones, joints, and skin...both internally and topically... as well such syndromes as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, believed to be caused in large part by the pronounced presents of Candida Albicans (yeast) in the digestive mucous membrane. Hmmmmm!

With that said, I'll close today with my normal recommendation. Make sure you drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of " the best tasting aloe vera” everyday.

And always...know your supplier.

Let me ask...

Do you know anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thank you Wade. You are very right ...I wish more people would take this information and embrace it. It is only for their best interest. This is very time consuming and my goal is to help people.

      Thank you for stopping by ..please come by again best to you and your health!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very well-written and informative article. Everyone should read this and also the other health articles you have shared. Thanks for the great job! I will look forward to reading more in the future.

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks gary james ...Good so see you around ..Like your input. I am glad you are taking advantage of using two of our greatest products ...Hang in there Gary best to your health!

    • profile image

      gary james 

      10 years ago

      Loved the article on Candida albicans. It was most certainly at the root of my issues. I still need to balance my flora manually after ten years of recovery. Yeaaa for healthy systems Aloe and Proenzyme.


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