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Organic Aloe Vera the Heart Diet and STRESS Part IV

Updated on September 4, 2011

Are you drinking Aloe Vera Juice daily for your Stress?

Alright folks, now that you've made it through the first few articles on Organic Aloe Vera, the heart, diet and STRESS ...with all those summer time adversities. Pat yourselves on the back and reward yourselves. Good job, you've earned it. You're the one that made it happen. But don't let up yet, because there's one more phase of summer time stress. Soon you'll all be faced with the two major stressors ending the summer …Labor Day weekend and “back to school” for you folks that have school age children.

However, it's OK, because now, you're going to take charge of this thing called stress.

Positive stress can be good …

Recall, remember when we said that stress was nothing more than an event or situation, which requires you to adapt. And that's OK, because everyone needs a little positive stress to rev up their system and gear up for all those daily activities.

However, when your "fight or flight" response is activated, you're automatically programmed for some serious activity.

Get the real picture of what happens with stress and your body!

Just a quick review on how this all happens in a flash, almost instantly, the Hypothalamus sets the stage of events into motion. This small structure about the size of a cherry, controls the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland. These hormones, carried through the bloodstream, activate part of the adrenal gland (the cortex) to release cortisol, another hormone. Cortisol circulates through your body via the bloodstream; as it is important to immune function.

Then nerve signals are sent down the spinal cord to increase the activity of the sympathetic nerves. These nerves are part of the autonomic (involuntary) nerve system, which regulate many body functions including breathing.

Other nerve signals stimulate another part of the adrenal gland, the medula, to release the hormone epinephrine and norepinephrine. Epinephrine increases the speed and force of the heartbeat while norepinephrine maintains blood pressure.

Meanwhile, in your brain, your alertness is enhanced. Complex mechanisms ensure that the brain receives an adequate blood supply and the level of blood sugar is high enough for the necessary extra energy.

The lens of your eyes focuses for distance vision as the pupils dilate to let in more light. Both heart rate and force of contraction speeds up and the blood supply to the heart muscle increases for that "fight or flight" response.

But realize that too much stress can have a harmful effect on your heart.

Like I said, a certain amount of stress is healthy and enables you to live a stimulating and enjoyable life. On the other hand, too much stress as indicated, can have an unhealthy harmful affect on your mind, body and especially your heart.

So, as you can see, prolonged unhealthy stress may weaken your immune system and reduce your body's ability to resist infection and disease.

Remember two to four ounces of Aloe Vera Juice daily.

For this reason, as one of the stress busters, I always recommend plenty of clean, fresh filtered water with two-four ounces of Organic Aloe Vera Juice every day. And here's some good news for you: I recommend the best tasting aloe vera on the market ...guaranteed!!

As always, know you supplier.

"Best Tasting Aloe"

Aloe Pure 5000 Best Tasting Organic Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Cran-Grape Flavor
Aloe Pure 5000 Best Tasting Organic Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Cran-Grape Flavor

Aloe Pure 5000 is the best tasting, Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera Juice on the market and offers a variety of health benefits. Great for the immune system!


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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks Chaser ...I know what it is like with all of the holiday and stuff. And can you imagine the stress that is going on in the south. Just an overload. We have to count our blessings for the moment.

      Glad to have you stop by ...please come by again ..I welcome your comments best to your health!

    • chaser4 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey GJ Cody, you did it must have been reading my mail. You are right on the mark about the labor day stress. It's the last fling of the summer before getting back to the grind......loads of stress getting through this one.

      Thanks for the tips...your right on track. Keep it up!!


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