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Organic Aloe Vera the heart diet and STRESS Part VI

Updated on September 2, 2008

Have you managed your stress for your hearts sake?

Just as a quick refresher, back to what I was saying in Part V, I did suggest a few special products that we know from past experiences, will help support your immune system and protect you from all the STRESS you encounter as your go about your daily activities.

In Part V you received some tips about how to manage and control your stress...did you implement any of the tips? If you did, great …if you didn't, why not?

Do you dream of eliminating your stress?

In my experience, when you talk to people about their stress, most would like to eliminate all of their stress. Most people say, getting rid of their stress would be wonderful, every day would then be a breeze...every day would be the best day of their life!

Just think about that: Would it be? Think about that for a minute. How would you make it through the day? How would you get anything accomplished? What would motivate you to be creative? What would excite you? What would pump you up? What would get those juices flowing?

Do you know there is good stress?

Believe it or not, some of that STRESS is good for you. So before you try to eliminate stress completely. Be aware. Be in charge. Take control of how you re-act to your stress and use it to your advantage.

Let me share a secret with you, everyone has stress, however, everyone handles his or her stress a little differently. Some people are better at coping with their stress better than others. It's all about being in charge. About being responsible.

Here's an interesting fact, some people can shake off the stress in 30 seconds or so, some may take 3 minutes, some may take 3 hours, and some may take 3 days. On the other hand, some may not be able to handle their stress at all and that's where the long-term stress does all its damage.

Long term stress is the one that can affect you in a negative way!

Here's what this is all about. With the long-term stress, you'll have to start thinking about how this stress thing will affect your body, your health and especially how your stress level will affect your heart and you’re over all immune system. Recent research is starting to show the serious affects of long-term stress on your body and how it affects your immune system... making you more likely to get sick and develop more serious health problems.

Believe it or not, when your stress level and your immune system get involved in the equation, that's when you develop common symptoms like headaches, sleep disorders, lack of concentration, short temper, low morale, depression, upset stomach, anxiety, lack of energy, sadness, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, less sexual desire, high blood pressure, heart problems and the list goes on and on.

Take charge of your health …you owe it to yourself and don’t forget your Aloe Vera Juice!

It all comes down to this folks, be responsible, take charge, relax, exercise and improve your diet. Supplement your diet with a high grade of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, super antioxidants and last but not least … drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of Organic Aloe Vera Juice everyday.

Above all else, know you supplier!

We welcome your comments!

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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      Thanks Gary james for the comment. I wish there was an easy answer for people to get rid of the stress, but it seems that our daily life is full of stress these days. Everyone is really complaining about not enough time and too much stress.

      Soooo....the only answer is to keep our immune system running smooth.

      Thank you for stopping by ...and don't forget to drink you Aloe Vera Juice ...I take it you are drinking the best tasting aloe vera on the market today!

    • profile image

      Gary james 9 years ago

      According to a group of physicians and other health professionals who I use to confirm my source material Stress is the number one reason for disease. Not just one or two diseases. But in ALL diseases stress plays a role.

      Fortunately there is something that can be done about stress and your suggestion of drinking a top quality organic Aloe Vera is a terriofic idea.