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Organic Germanium Ge 132

Updated on February 2, 2011


Although you might think that germanium is a powerful antioxidants, which it is, no doubt about that, we should emphasize right at the beginning that germanium is mostly renowned for being a chemical element. In its elemental form, germanium is a semi metal and as such it is of no use for our organism. Not only that - germanium not present in its organic form is indeed very toxic.

What we call today "Germanium (Ge 132)" is actually the organic form of germanium. Its biological significance was discovered by the Japanese expert Dr Kazuhiko in 1967. During many years of research of this organic type of germanium, scientists have confirmed not only its medical value but also its practical harmlessness. The organic germanium is also called Germanium sesquioxide. It is characterized by its "germanium-carbon" bonds which actually make it organic. This is a very important distinction as compared to the inorganic forms, which, for example, contain germanium dioxide instead of sesquioxide.

Germanium as a trace element is of course present in the human organism (as are also many other elements in minute quantities). In contrast, this form of functional organic Ge is found in the plants capable of converting it from its metaloid form into organic compounds. Usually some types of mushrooms, such as shiitake mushroom, as well as garlic, ginseng, aloe vera and some South American tonic herbs are natural sources of organic germanium. Organic Ge is the only form of value for the human body. Various areas of the world are suffering from shortage of germanium in the soil, which in the end effect contributes to the Ge 132 deficiency in plants and finally in humans, especially in older age. While younger, we have mechanisms to compensate for the lack of this essential nutrient, but, as we approach the older ages, our general health can be jeopardized by consuming food deprived of, or poor in germanium sesquioxide.

The activity of Ge 132

The organic form of germanium is today considered one of the greatest discoveries in the nutritive therapy of malignant diseases. Also, germanium sesquioxide is regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are those substances capable of releasing and transmitting electrons to the free radicals in our body. By accepting these electrons the free radicals are passivized from creating any further damage to the surrounding molecules. The chemical formula of germanium sesquioxide is (GeCH2CH2COOH)2O3. Germanium 132 possesses 3 atoms of oxygen which makes it very efficient donor of electrons. It merges with the free radicals and eliminates them from the organism via the excretion processes. It has been confirmed that 20-30 hours after the intake of Ge sesquioxide supplement pills, most of the Ge 132 is eliminated through the urine, which then excludes any side effects.

The health benefits of organic germanium

The health benefits of organic germanium are still under investigation, very much like for example the health benefits of noni juice. But, nevertheless we can say that Ge 132 possesses substantial health benefits, for instance increased life expectancy, as well as benefits for the heart, nerves, muscles, and the immune system. It is a natural analgesic that provokes the release of endorphins. In addition to functioning as antioxidant, organic germanium increases the ability to utilize oxygen on cellular level, thereby improving some chronic illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart insufficiency, angina pectoris, hypertension - high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, apoplexy, diabetes - high blood sugar, asthma, Parkinson's disease, cerebral sclerosis, eye diseases (glaucoma, cataract, inflammation of the retina and optic nerve) and others. A research published in Journal of Interferon Research concludes that organic germanium restores the normal functioning of the T and B lymphocytes, owing to the fact that it directly stimulates the production of interferons which are considered strong anti cancer agents.

The deficiency of Ge 132 can cause many disturbances. The most obvious case is the weakening of the immunity which leads to susceptibility to many diseases, including malignant ones. The lack of germanium can also be linked to some cardiovascular disease, disbalance of the nervous system, of the endocrine glands, and of the skeletal system.

Is Ge sesquioxide safe?

The safety of Germanium as natural supplement has been debated for decades, but much of the controversy has to do with the careless misunderstanding what organic Ge means. The truth is that if in its pure organic form of Ge 132, it  has never caused any damage or side effect.

Research studies have provided confirmable information about the safety and efficacy of pure organic Ge132, especially in the domain of support for the immune system and bodily functions against a number of negative health conditions. However, make sure you buy this natural supplement from a reliable source.

How should Germanium sesquioxide be consumed?

Ge sesquioxide 132 is a dietary supplement that should be consumed preferably in form of capsules. It is usually advised to use 1-3 capsules (100 - 300 mg) daily, before the meals, or as directed by your certified health adviser. For people with digestive problems the capsules should be taken during the meal, or immediately afterward.

One of the bestselling product available on the markets today is Jarrow Germanium GE 132 organic 100mg. The Jarrow Formula contains pure organic Ge 132 in form of bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, more commonly known as germanium sesquioxide. Due to its singular molecular structure and small molecular size it can be easily eliminated through the urine once it has completed its function. The capsules contain cellulose and magnesium starate from vegetable origin. There is no soy, egg, wheat, dairy, gluten, fish or nuts added.

At the end it should be said that with this article we do not claim or imply that germanium is a cure for malignant diseases or any other health condition. The statements above have not been confirmed nor approved by the FDA.


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