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Organic Vitamins: Why Should We Take Them?

Updated on February 12, 2012

Vitamins and Supplements

These days we are becoming more and more knowledgeable about natural ways to stay healthy. People are eating more organic foods, eating grass fed meats, and taking more and more vitamins and supplements. Is this beneficial? Should we continue this lifestyle?


One of the most important areas of keeping healthy is putting in good foods. Eating natural foods, grown from the earth is very good for our bodies, but what are we leaving out? Our soils are being depleted daily of the great nutrients it once had. Grain fed and hormone injected meats are not what God created our bodies to consume. Where is our food coming from and how is it grown, harvested, and manufactured? Many of us don't know the answers to these questions. Unless you grow your own food on your own soil, chances are your foods are not quite as nutritious as they could be. Pesticides and lack of proper care of the plants and soil are depleting our foods of their nutrients. So what can we do about it? Well I'm glad you asked.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements are one of the best ways we can counteract consumption of non-nutritious foods. If we don't drink enough milk, we can take a calcium vitamin. Liver not working properly? Take a Milk Thistle vitamin. Eyes not so good? Take a Lutein supplement. We are supposed to eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Are you? And if you are, how nutritious are your fruits and veggies? Take a fruits and vegetables supplement. I know everyone is not eating 3-5 servings of fish each week. Take some omega 3s.

Vitamins help bring your body up to par and help it to stay running properly. Cars don't run without gas do they? And how well do they run on cheap gas as opposed to the good stuff? If your body is running in excellent order, it has more of what it needs to fight off disease and germs as well. When an invader comes in, your body is armed and ready to attack. This way you are less likely to get sick.

You want to be sure that you are taking a superior brand. Don't spend your money on a bottle of vitamins that have been sitting in a warehouse for a year before they put it on the shelf. Make sure your vitamins aren't being exposed to light and air before they get to you. Most importantly you want to try and take vitamins that are not synthetically made. We are going for natural right? I know sometimes you need some synthetics to get everything you need. However, recent studies have shown that your body brakes down natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins differently, and why shouldn't it? You do not want to be taking a vitamin that was mixed up in a lab with chemicals do you? I know I don't, so where do we find the good stuff?


Nutrilite sells the worlds best selling multivitamin and actually invented the first multivitamin multimineral with whole plant concentrates in 1934. I have worked with Nutrilite for the past 8 years so thats what I am going to talk about. If you know of another natural, organic brand, feel free to go with them.

Everything at Nutrilite is done on a pharmaceutical grade. This means that it is held to a higher standard than the FDA would require, and it also means that if it says it has 100 mg of vitamin C, it has it. They own the air space over their organic farms. All of the other farms within 100 miles of Nutrilite farms are also organic. If they used pesticides and other chemicals, when it rains they could contaminate the fields at Nutrilite. Egyptian earthworms are used to aerate the soil. Tests are done on every box of vitamins they ship out. If you order a bottle of vitamin, chances are they were harvested, put into pill form, and shipped out within the week. This retains the quality of the nutrients in the product. Who wants to buy 3 month old vitamin C? If you picked an orange or an acerola cherry, wouldn't you have to throw it out after a week? Its the same with vitamins. You want to be taking fresh ones to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Everything at Nutrilite has a 180 day money-back-guarantee! They do their own clinical tests to make sure all of the vitamins perform the way they are supposed to. For instance, ff your body breaks down a certain vitamin better with food, it will say take with food. They have it down to a science. If it does not perform the way it says it will, you can return it and get all of your money back. I don't know of anywhere else that does this. I also don't know of any other organic, from seed-to-supplement farms either.

Organic vitamins from whole plant concentrates also contain Phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are nutrients from plants that help to fight free radicals. A Free radical is basically a mutated cell. A cell missing one of its electrons will go through your body and steal electrons from other cells, creating a chain reaction. It is a constant battle since free radicals happen from breathing in air, stress, and toxins from the outside world. That is why we need to take antioxidants which repair the free radicals, and come from phytonutrients. Synthetic vitamins have no phytonutrients, but organic vitamins from plant concentrates do. Just another plus to taking good quality supplements.

This is from the Nutrilite website:

Quality experts for the NUTRILITE brand perform over 15,000 tests a month on our products. Seven different types of tests are performed to ensure quality:

  1. Dissolution Testing checks for the ability of a nutrient to go into a solution.
  2. Disintegration Testing ensures the tablets disintegrate in 30 minutes or less.
  3. Micro Limit Testing checks plate counts and the absence of pathogens.
  4. Macro-Nutrient Testing checks for the amounts of fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates.
  5. Micro-Nutrient Testing ensures label claims for all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  6. Raw Material Testing ensures the raw materials are the right quality to make the tablets.
  7. Stability Testing checks the shelf-life of the tablets.

I rest my case.

The inventor of the Multi-Vitamin Multi-Mineral, Carl Rehnborg
The inventor of the Multi-Vitamin Multi-Mineral, Carl Rehnborg | Source
Just a few of my Nutrilite Supplements
Just a few of my Nutrilite Supplements
The Perfect Pack for your Health: Double X MultiVitamin MultiMineral Phytonutrient, Omega 3s, Fruits n Veggies
The Perfect Pack for your Health: Double X MultiVitamin MultiMineral Phytonutrient, Omega 3s, Fruits n Veggies

In conclusion, taking any vitamins and supplements is a good thing. If synthetic is all you have, and all you can afford then by all means take them. Organic is better and will probably always be the best way to get some extra nutrients since this is the way God designed our body. However, eating as healthy as you can, exercising, drinking clean water, and taking vitamins of any caliber on a regular basis will continue to be beneficial for all humans. Lets get America back to the basics and get healthy again.


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