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Tools and Tricks to Keep it Together.

Updated on September 17, 2014




I guess it is all in the personality really, and I won’t promise that any of this will increase your overall success in life. I am just conveying some simple tools that have helped me organize my business, and my everyday life. Not only the tools I use but their competitors. I of course will only vouch that I have had good experiences with the tools I have used, and not their competitors.


Inevitably our life is a large group of lists week by week of tasks we need to accomplish. Like many others I make to do lists to help organize tasks I need to accomplish over time. I usually create weekly lists and about three of them. I have my business list, my job list, and then my home life lists. Of course occasionally when I need groceries I make a list for that as well.

For a long time I used pencil or pens and paper, and yeah this works well if you carry a binder around with you constantly, but since I spend most of my working life in front of a computer or a phone why not use those. At first I thought of using Word documents, but who wants to keep up with list documents like that, plus it’s not very mobile friendly.

Google Keep


Google Keep

Google keep has a streamline application from your browser to your phone. They work the same on both your pc and handheld device. It’s easy to organize and create the flow for your checklists or just listed items. You control whether items drop to the bottom of the list when checked or top, and where new items appear. I even tend to use this to keep lists of websites that I can quickly reference later (I know I could use a favorites bar, but this way its next to the list it applies to) I tend to use google for a lot, and its integration with all other google products is a plus.

Most of all its free




Evernote has been blowing up and I hear really good things about it, though I cannot say for sure it seems like a great product.

Evernote has a free, premium, and business versions. Relatively cheap, and full of great functions Evernote is not only a list application. Evernote holds word documents, graphs, charts etc. Its addition of alarms is an excellent break from other products. Evernote is cross platform, and works well on any device you choose to use.

Cloud Storage/Sharing.

Now I am not a full supporter of cloud storage just yet, but it does have useful applications at the moment. I will not tell you to move solely to cloud storage just that it is a safe alternative to emailing documents back and forth, and it works well for those who have to communicate documents often with co- workers or friends. It has since changed the way I work with my team doing business. It’s now much easier to communicate web designs back and forth to team members across the country, and to keep them with a current working version of the design in progress.


Google Drive

By far google drive is not the larges name in the business, but it’s a great one. Like I said I use google for a ton of things, I use google chrome often especially with the new 64 bit version that’s been released. And google drive and google keep fit effortlessly into my everyday browser experience. They also have great mobile apps that I can use to easily view documents on the go.

Google drive is free with every Gmail account you have, though its only 15 gigs of storage for most every day home users that is enough. To double that and use your domain name as your email address you can purchase google apps for business for around 5$ a month.



Now if you’re on the other side and need a ton of storage space Dropbox has a solution. I see this a lot with those who own computers with Solid State Drives that don’t have a lot of storage space but have phenomenal speed. I have used this very little at work, but I have used this. Dropbox is simple and has some neat controls similar to that of NTFS. Dropbox now allows you to control different folders to be viewable shares that others who maybe don’t understand that deleting things shared on the cloud deletes it for both ends.

Dropbox will run around 10$ a month for a terabyte of Storage, and has great share controls.


This does not require product endorsement as it’s not so much of a product change. Though using the same rules to clean up your desktop may be a great idea.

Clean Spaces

There is a well-known connection between keeping an organized and CLEAN working space and productivity, but it’s not only your working space that counts. You can’t just leave a cluttered home and go to a clean office and not drag some of that with you. Knowing you are going to return home to a clean functioning environment increases your focus on work. So try a few things.

Seperate Home and Work

It’s common for people to lose organization when they can put work down. The more you have thrown into the mix the more saturated it becomes and the less you can keep track. When your work day is over IT IS OVER. We all need rest sometime. So clean that work up off your coffee table put those papers in a folder and continue tomorrow.

Store Things

This does not have to be in a box in a storage building. Use some good judgment and place things in layers of storage, anything you haven’t used in months maybe store away in a building. Anything you just haven’t had time for in a few days put in a drawer somewhere.

Keep a trash can Close

Empty it often Self Explanatory.

What do you use?

Comment i would like to keep up with ways to stay organized.


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