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Organized Chaos 101

Updated on February 6, 2017

Organized Chaos
I hope this day finds you exceeding blessed! Why? Recalling the first article I wrote sharing a
central theme for my life “letting go of fear.” For that very reason of letting go I can be blessed
and so can you! The next question may be, “you have no idea of what I’ve been through. Or
maybe you’re just having a bad day.” My friend, we all have bad days! I have even had a series of bad days! How does one rise above a bad day or the darkest day? I can tell you how I climb above life’s challenges, bad days, and dark days!
This formula is not a secret! Nor is it a cure. I would wager that I’m not alone in some of the
simple tasks that are done on a daily basis. What does one do when dark days happen?

A good night’s sleep.

  • I don’t know about you, my thoughts run together when I haven’t had the rest my body needs. This task may be the most difficult one of them all because you are taking control of whatever has happen that has caused the outcome.

Get up!

  • Regardless of anything that has happened this is a new day! Getting up at your regular time can be a challenge too. I know for myself I have battled depression for most of my life.Getting up and putting my big girl pants is how I start my day! And the next thing is utterly crucial.

Coffee up!

  • I’m a coffee drinker. Everything looks better with a cup of coffee. Maybe you’re not a coffee drinker. One of my best friends has hot water with lemon in it.


  • is the next priority. Along with resting the body, nourishment is needed to keep going. You may not want to eat however you need to make this a second priority. Maybe a piece of toast with a glass of water. Even though this may seem minimal his is a great beginning!

Clear your mind

Everything seems much bigger inside of our own heads! We replay and replay the recording
over and over again! Gaining control over ones thinking is the biggest hurdle.

Organized chaos
The next step is sorting through what you may consider a challenge. Get a pencil and paper.
Some may use a cell phone with a note pad. This is an individual decision.

  • Start writing down your thoughts and your feelings. I know for myself I tend to sketch in between.That’s OK! This is up to you! Look at what you have written. You may be tempted to erase something, do not this. After a few minutes take a break, sit quietly for a few minutes. Then look at what you have written. Keep forging ahead!

 Thoughts may seem random and may not make sense at first. Keep writing!
 Organizing your list
 This step is how we understand the random thought, feelings and facts.
 Take a clean piece of paper jot down thoughts and draw a line under it. Across from
that put Fact and draw another line under that. Here you are separating your
thoughts/feelings and the facts. Make sense? After you have done this, take a look
at the paper. Here is a diagram I have made look something like:
 Thoughts/feelings versus Fact
 we establish ownership of ourselves. Looking at the list that is filled with what
happened versus random thoughts or feelings. My aim is to separate how I feel
from what has actually happened. For example, “I feel unhappy because a friend
ended our relationship.” That would go under the thoughts/feelings. I know I will
miss that friend. This is a fact I have stated.
 Other examples: I lost my job, now what am I going to do? The fact is that you
lost your job and you may feel a void, or fearful.
 The feelings: void, fearful and overwhelmed are what first may take your
breath! Stepping back from a situation can offer clarity, understanding and the
ability to let go of the harmful toxic negativity.
 Fear
 Letting go of what makes us afraid. I can identify with those that have lost jobs before. I
was a single parent raising a daughter and lost my job within days of becoming a
permanent employee. I was devastated. I cried and I lamented for a little while. I had a
friend that was nearby to ease my distress.
 It wasn’t the fact that I had lost a job; it was the feeling of “what am I going to do
 Replacing the negative with positive statements may take time. You may be
able to share this with a colleague, or a spouse, as I mentioned above. This
will lighten the burden.
 Positive statements: I know I’m not alone! Others have lost jobs and have replaced them.
Over a course of time. Only you can decide if you want to continue in the same career at
another company. You may decide to go in a completely different direction.
I will end with what I had said in the beginning, this formula is not a secret! Nor is it a cure. I
believe in simplicity of life. The devil whispers “You can’t withstand the storm. The warrior
replied, “I am the storm.”

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