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Oriental Diagnosis and Medicine - The Dynamics of the Face

Updated on February 6, 2015
The face on the left  is more Yang, and on the right more Yin.
The face on the left is more Yang, and on the right more Yin. | Source

The Basis of Matter

Matter exists by the grace of a forcefield that the ancient Chinese called Yang - the contractive force. Therefore within matter is the contractive force Yang present and at the outside of matter it is the expansive force Yin. This causes balance. The stronger the contractive force Yang, the larger the polarity, thus the larger the expansive force Yin.

If Yin wouldn't exist everything would turn into black holes instantaneously. If Yang wouldn't exist matter as we know wouldn't exist either, since everything would float around the entire Universe. Yin and Yang are the basic forces that shape matter.

Yin and Yang are the key to understand natural phenomena, including the shape of our own face, since inner and outer forces always strive to balance, which is in continuous motion.

The main three outer influencers on i.a. shape, forms, hardness and friability are food, climate and social environment.

For example: the sunlight received by a tree is converted into an inner force, which is Yang. The bark generates a counterforce which is Yin. Both forces strive to balance. The tree can exist because it is in a state of dynamical balance.

Spots on the Face Correspond With Weaknesses


The Forces that Shape the Face

Everyone is governed by the trinity food, climate and social environment. These three influencers shape our face during the different stages in our life - from conception to death. We cannot control these external forces. But there are also inner forces that are under our control, and that is the kind of food we consume.

When we eat excessive, the dominant force is Yin, which leads to expansion and in the long term obesity. But if we eat less or the food we eat is predominantly Yang, it will lead to contraction, which results in a higher density. Fat has a density of 0.53 oz/in3 and muscles 0.61 oz/in3.

  • Fat is more Yin (expansion),
  • Muscles are more Yang (contraction).

There is not one face the same. The nuances seem infinite, from deep-set eyes to bulging eyes, or pointy noses to flat noses, and wide chin to pointed chin.

Wrinkles arise also by the action of the two forces Yin and Yang. There are wrinkles caused by contraction and wrinkles caused by expansion.


Wrinkles occur basically in two directions - vertical and horizontal. Vertical is Yin and horizontal is Yang. Vertical is Yin because it had the tendency to move away from earth and is therefore regarded as expansion. Horizontal is Yang because it is contracted towards earth.

The eyes are Yang (horizontal) and the nose is mainly Yin (vertical) but ends at the bottom Yang. Long narrow eyes are more Yang than round wide eyes, which are more Yin. A flat nose is more Yang than a long nose.

  • Wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes are a sign of too much fluid accumulation. A remedy can be found in diuretic herbs and vegetables like Nettle, Green tea and Dandelion.
  • Wrinkles on top of the nose between the eyebrows indicates on too much Yang food, like salt, eggs, red meat, cheese, and too less fruits and leafy greens. This also refers to problems with the liver, pancreas and spleen. Since these organs are complementary to the stomach, this will show problems as well. Strongly developed nostrils (Yang) are a good sign, since it compensates the vertical Yin wrinkles.


Losing eyebrow hair always starts from the outside towards the nose bridge. It is in many cases caused by consumption of animal food. Once the eyebrows start to disappear, the process can be stopped (not reversed) by stopping consumption of meat.

  • Long thick eyebrows indicates vitality and health.
  • Small thin eyebrows are a sign of weakness.

The basic shape of the eyebrows is formed during the pregnancy. Too much meat and animal products (Yang) of the mother during pregnancy will make the eyebrows bend more towards the nose bridge, like on the left (picture below).

The shape of the eyebrows change to a limited extend according to the diet.

The left eyebrows are Yang. The right eyebrows are Yin.
The left eyebrows are Yang. The right eyebrows are Yin. | Source

Yin and Yang Foods

Yin (expansive)
Yang (contractive)
Apples, pears, berries
Red meat
Leafy green vegetables
Oil and fats
Root vegetables
Soy products
Nightshade vegetables
Whole grains
Tropical fruits

Development During Pregnancy

The proportions of the face tells a lot about the constitution and condition of a person. The kind of food the mother consumes during pregnancy has great influence on the condition, constitution and the shape of the face of her future child.

The shape of our head and face for instance is partly caused by the seasons in which the pregnancy took place, as shown on the pictures below.

The face can be divided into three major parts:

  • Nervous system,
  • Circulation system,
  • Digestion system.

We cannot reverse our period as a foetus anymore. There are nevertheless a few indicators that tell a great deal about our current condition.

The Mathematics of Development

There is a certain mathematics to determine during the development from embryo, to foetus, to baby, to child and to adulthood.

The most obvious distinction is the multiple-3 development: 1→3→9→27 = 40 weeks from fertilization until birth. Even after birth this logic continues.

  • Stage 1: A week after fertilization the egg nestles in the uterus.
  • Stage 2: The foetus has to overcome a critical period of 4 weeks (1+3) in which it can be aborted if the mother uses chemicals or drugs. Most birthmarks arise in this period.
  • Stage 3: At the end of this stage (1+3+9=12 weeks) are most of the structure formed.
  • Stage 4: Birth (1+3+9+27=40 weeks).
  • Stage 5: The stage that most children start to walk, 81 weeks after birth (3x27=81).
  • Stage 6: Children start to think and start to go to school (3x81=243 weeks=4.7 years).
  • Stage 7: The sensory and emotional completion of a child into an adolescent (3x4.7=14 years), and the social development starts.
  • Stage 8: The mental and ideological completion of an adult (3x14=42 years).

The development of the embryo starts with the nervous system during the first 3 months. Then 3 months development of the circulation systems and organs. Then 3 last months in which the respiratory and digestive systems are completed.

In terms of Yin and Yang:

  • The most Yang system is developed on the surface of the 'embryonic spiral', which is the most Yin part of the foetus.
  • The digestive system which is hollow (Yin), develops in the centre of the spiral.The centre is the most Yang part.
  • Between these two developments is the circulation system, that takes care of the balance between Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang Seasons


Do You Eat Mainly Seasonal Food?

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Yin and Yang Seasons

Pregnancy covers 3 seasons (3x3=9 months), which means that a child always misses during its development one of the four seasons. This is reflected in the face.

Without knowing ones birthday it's possible to estimate in which season someone is born.
Winter food is astringent = Yang. Summer food is expansive = Yin. The development of an embryo head starts from the top down to the chin.

  • Figure A: Pointy head which ends wide down - fertilized in Winter, is born in Summer.
  • Figure B: Narrow square head is contracted around the eyes - fertilized in Autumn, born in Spring.
  • Figure C: Fertilized in Summer, born in Winter.
  • Figure D: Fertilized in Spring, born in Autumn.

If the food the mother consumed during her pregnancy is not in accordance with seasonal food, the outcome is less predictable.

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