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Orthomolecular Medicine: The Vitamin Cure

Updated on July 15, 2011

Vitamins, courtesy of nature!

Vitamins come in these! If you can't eat enough of these, get a bottle of vitamins!
Vitamins come in these! If you can't eat enough of these, get a bottle of vitamins!

Your body doesn't NEED drugs!

Orthomolecular medicine and the idea of megadosing with vitamins to achieve optimal health has changed my life forever. I now am a firm believer in using mega doses of vitamins to address many issues that go ignored by regular doctors. I feel that with the right research and background information on specific conditions that are of concern to me, I can use vitamins to improve my health and well being dramatically. Wikipedia has this definition: Orthomolecular medicine, or megavitamin therapy, is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that seeks to prevent or treat diseases with nutrients prescribed as dietary supplements or derived from diets. Orthomolecular medicine focuses on what it sees as the right nutritional molecules in the right amounts for the individual and proponents believe that low levels of these substances can cause chronic problems beyond vitamin deficiency.

What does this mean? In my words, it means that just because you don't have a vitamin deficient disease, it doesn't mean that you wouldn't benefit from large doses of vtamins that are specific to your needs, as made obvious by your own body's less than optimal health.

Let's put it another way. If you are having a few symptoms that make you uncomfortable, but when you talk to your doctor about it, they say, "well just get some rest and eat right and it should resolve itself no problem". Even though you heed the doctor's advice your issue goes unresolved and you don't feel better at all. In fact you begin to notice the onset of other symptoms slowly over time and try to tell yourself its just stress, or getting older. This is the time to step in and take control of your own health! You can use vitamins to feel better! Vitamins are all natural substances that our bodies need. You can get a lot of vitamins from your food, but look at the quality of our food! It makes sense in this day and age to use vitamin supplements to "supplement" the amount of vitamins and minerals that we are able to consume in a day.

I personally have experienced the miracle of vitamins in mine and my children's lives. A year ago, my son was in a mental hospital for the second time in three months. He was only 7. He was extremely violent, Bipolar, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and been diagnosed recently with Autism too. He had been hallucinating both auditorily and visually for the last couple of months. While he was in the hospital, an acquaintance gave us some papers to read about Dr. Abram Hoffer's work in using Niacin (which is B-3) to "cure" schizophrenia and mentally ill patients. This is how I found out about megadosing with vitamins for the first time. At that point my son Wyatt had taken 18 different meds trying to find the right one to control his violent outbursts and rage. Some drugs would help for a while, but nothing really controlled his symptoms and most had side-effects. I was excited to try this natural "cure". (cured as long as you keep taking the optimal amount for you as an individual). When Wyatt came home from the hospital, I started him on the (non flushing) Niacin therapy and experienced a miracle. By the third day, I was giving him 2,500mg in the morning and before his dose in the evening he came to me and said "Mommy, I'm not seeing things anymore!". He was so genuinely excited, I couldn't believe it! I decided to keep him on the 2,500mg daily for awhile and see how he would do. Two days later, he came to me and said, "Mommy, I'm not hearing things talking to me anymore now!" I almost fainted from joy and relief. He is now mentally and emotionally stable on 2,500mg of Niacin (no flush kind) a day. He also takes 2,000mg of Vitamin C and 2,200mg of Omega 3 daily to complement his brain health and general health. He is a happy, easy to be with, non-violent, loving little guy now. He still takes Ritalin for the ADHD and Clonidine because he can't sleep, but otherwise he is doing awesome in regards to not needing any treatment for the Bipolar or ODD symptoms!

Now, I want to clarify something here. I asked Wyatt's doctor what he thought of using Niacin to treat the mental illness before I started. He said and I quote "But your son doesn't have pellegra." Pellegra is a disease you get when you have a Niacin deficiency. I replied "I know that, I am thinking that he might need Niacin anyway based on some research I did." The doctor replied, "well, it won't harm him to try it, but I don't think it will help".

I now know why it helped Wyatt and I can finally put it into words. I have come to understand that vitamin deficiency causes disease just as the doctors say it does, but I also now believe that some people are vitamin dependent and these dependencies, when left untreated, cause a whole other set of problems. That's why even though Wyatt did not have the vitamin deficient disease of Pellegra, his body, being dependent on Niacin but not being able to get the proper amount for him, caused his mental illness. For us, this is the kind of medicine that changed our life. No doctor of conventional medicine was going to tell me to try this type of therapy. We would have lived a miserable life going from one drug to the next, never being in control of his illness. Now we are fully in control of his mental illness, all because of the concepts and ideas of Orthomolecular medicine.

Obviously, I only have this one experience to go on. I don't know about any other diseases, or illnesses. I have tried using B complex vitamins to help me with depression, and take at least 1,000-2,000mg of Vitamin C every day to keep my immune system strong; even more at the first signs of getting sick. I take a few other supplements like an Omega 3 formulated especially for women to help with hormone issues and a few other things daily. Honestly, I feel better than I have in 10 years, and I feel good about being in control of my overall health. If you are sick, or run down, or mentally ill, but aren't being helped by traditional medicine, don't waste away! Take heart, check out alternative therapies like megadosing with vitamins, and see if you can't get your life back. We did.


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    • KaylieRae profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm in the process of quitting smoking by taking niacin. Great stuff, it's nothing like quitting using another method... it's easy! I would recommend watching the documentary "Food Matters" to go along with this subject.

    • Mrs. Obvious profile imageAUTHOR

      Willow Mattox 

      9 years ago from Northern California

      Did anyone notice the new med on the market to control cholesteral is called Niaspan???? HELLO! They just took Niacin and chemically perverted it with one of their drugs so they could patent it (because you can't put a patent on vitamins and minerals) so they could capitalize on the benefits of Niacin. This is sick! Yes, the pun was fully intended. Big pharma figured out a way to make gross amounts of money on a perverted form of a vitamin. The only thing is now people are having horrible side effects from this new drug, and they are ignorantly blaming the Niacin in the drug, instead of recognizing the perversion! Grrrrr. Sometimes there just aren't words (at least polite ones) for how wrong this world is.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have recently discovered what amazing things vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can do. These are all natural protects which have caused me no side effects. I have been on and off antidepressants for many years. My body became dependent on them and the side effects were horrible: weight gain, personality change, violent behavior, thyroid problems, joint paint, etc. I can literally go on and on. I was originally given antidepressants for anxiety. But over the years of using them, I became dependent on them and addicted to them. Every time I lowered my dose I had severe depression and anxiety. Finally I couldn't handle these harmful, toxic drugs anymore so I went to and alternative MD. Ge game amino acids which helped a lot. I also researched orthomolecular medicine and read the books Depression Free Naturally by Larson and The way up from down by I don't remember. Anywho, I added their supplements such as vitamin C, P5P, fish oil, B complex, etc and I feel great now!! I am almost completely off antidepressants and for the first time in years I have energy and feel alive! Thank goodness for these wonderful doctors and people who have discovered the true healing powers of vitamins and minerals. Down with big pharma!!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      This is real health for a strong immune system!

    • Mrs. Obvious profile imageAUTHOR

      Willow Mattox 

      11 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you for the comment Jarn. I have had my sons liver function tested about 9 months after starting this regimen at the request of his doctor. The results came back clear with no elevated liver enzymes. The funny thing is that they did show that his cholesterol levels were slightly elevated! Another good reason to continue with the Niacin! LOL. I appreciate your input on the warning signs that you gave and will look for them. I have heard of some "fears" of these types and if he can go off the nicacin in the future without a reversal to symptoms of mental illness then I would love to have him eventually go off of it. Unfortunately, I have run out of niacin before and in two days he was back to being angry and violent and unreasonable. I got his niacin level back up pronto and it stopped! I would rather take my chances with Niacin honestly than with Depakote (which he used for over a year) that can cause immediate life-threatening liver failure, or others which cause facial tics, dystonia, and other serious side effects. For me as a parent, it's the case of "which is the lesser evil?" Natural remedies by far, are the safest of all the "choices".

    • Jarn profile image


      11 years ago from Sebastian, Fl

      Mrs. Obvious. I am happy to hear that niacin has worked so very well in treating your son. But might I offer a word of caution? Daily doses of niacin exceeding 1500 mg is considered on the low end of the toxicity scale. Continuous dosages exceeding this can lead to long term damage. While niacin is a water soluble mineral, it must be processed by the liver and can cause liver scarring after several years worth of doses. Diabetes milletus is a long-term concern of raised blood-sugar levels caused by this mineral.

      I do not mean to contradict; and if a professional tells you that niacin in the doses your son is receiving is perfectly okay, then please ignore me. I was simply concerned to hear of a child taking so much. Initial toxicity symptoms are typically dry, cracking skin and a light rash around the folds of the neck.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Another proof that vitamin therapy works. Thanks for helping many people in need.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Doctors and medical publications are acting irresponsibly by not suggesting vitamin therapy as a real treatment. The old conspiracy theory, "If doctors made people well, they'd be out of work" is probably not believed by 90% of the nice doctors in hospitals. But they aren't in control of the medical industry. Drug companies are. And Pharmaceutical companies know if they made people well and not slaves to their high cost drugs they would not be getting filthy rich for so long.

    • Joy At Home profile image

      Joilene Rasmussen 

      11 years ago from United States

      Mrs. Obvious, I want to thank you for writing on this topic. I read another of your articles, describing what your boy's life was like previous to high doses of niacin, and things clicked in my brain. My son does not, nor has he ever had as many kinds of problems as did your son; but he made all our family miserable, and some days, the only thing that convinced me not to give him up as a bad job was the fact that I knew God had given him to me because I was strong enough to handle him, and do what needed to be done as his mother. Unlike your son, he was born difficult, and screamed for hours on end even as a tiny baby. These screams were pure rage and manipulation, in spite of the fact that his basic care was heavy on love, appropriate attention, and superior physical care. On top of the natural difficulties, by four months, we had interference from social services, and though we resisted, they wound up making all our lives worse by forcing us to feed him various forms of crap, all in the name of health. The alternative was to watch them take him, and I knew if they once were allowed to do that, I was never going to get a chance to raise my son. The result was that he now has extreme sensitivity to many food additives, shows immunization side effects (including borderline autism), and has never been able to exhibit much self control, no matter how carefully my husband and I improved his diet or other aspects of his life.

      So your article was a light in the increasingly hopeless darkness for me. I started my just-seven-year-old son on niacin five days ago. He is on a lower dose than your son, but is calmer, more cheerful, more willing, kinder, industrious, his memory is better, his attention span is longer, and he doesn't fight just for the sake of fighting anymore. He's almost a different kid.

      Your article was an answer to my prayers. God bless you and go with you.


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