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Osteoporosis - yes you can prevent it!

Updated on April 12, 2010

A major concern for every female person in our society is continued healthy bone mass and bone density. What can you do to prevent osteoporosis?

The best prevention of osteoporosis is regular weight-bearing exercise. Walking is one of the best weight-bearing exercises -- it not only prevents the loss of bone mass and density but it can also rebuild same.

A diet of calcium, magnesium and potassium-rich foods is a major plus for your body. These foods include broccoli, sea vegetables, fish and seafood, eggs, yogurt, kefir, carrots, dried fruits, Brussel sprouts, miso beans, leafy greens, tofu, bananas, apricots, molasses, sesame seeds, unrefined grains, barley, grapefruit, and wheat germ. Please note that sugar, caffeine, caffeine-containing foods, hard liquor, tobacco, and nightshade plants, such as tomatoes and potatoes, can interfere with calcium absorption.

Vitamin K, natural source form, is the key to bone health. Research has shown that as many as one out of every three women unknowingly has a deficiency. Women with osteoporosis have, on average, only 25% of the vitamin K found in their otherwise healthy counterparts. Effective food sources include sea-foods, sea vegetables, leafy vegetables, liver, molasses, eggs, oats, crucifers, and sprouts.

Blood thinning drugs destroy any vitamin K that circulates in the body. Chemotherapy, use of antibiotics, and most anti-seizure medications can also lead to a deficiency of Vitamin K. Conditions such as chronic diarrhea, Crohn's disease and colitis may also lead to a deficiency.

In addition to calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements, vitamin D works with vitamin A to utilize calcium and phosphorus in building bone structure. The mineral Boron enhances calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D use in bone formation and density. Boron also stimulates estrogen production which protects against the onset of osteoporosis. As a bonus, boron is a significant nutritional deterrent to bone loss for athletes.

Soy isoflavones can help maintain bone density. Studies have shown that they are also good for reducing menopausal discomforts, the risk of certain types of cancer, and possibly, cardiovascular risk. Alfalfa, barley grass, black cohosh, boneset, dandelion root, nettle, parsley, poke root, rose hips, and yucca are just some of the herbs that can help to build strong bones. Some of the other supplements that can help the body in bone formation include silica gel, glucosamine sulfate and horsetail.

It takes a winning combination to maintain healthy bones. Diet + Exercise + Vitamins + Minerals + Supplements all form part of this winning combination.


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