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Other Side of Corn

Updated on January 16, 2012

We Loved and Hated Corn

As kids, we loved and hated corn. We loved it as a snack but hated it as staple food--because we hadn't discovered the other side of corn. There was a time when rice became scarce that the government tried to force people to eat rice mixed with corn. It was terrible. We couldn't enjoy our meals. Though it was flaunted that folks in the Visayas enjoyed it. Well, we reasoned, we weren't in the Visayas. This was Metro Manila. So our parents did everything to look for pure rice.

But later, indeed we saw how people used to eating corn as staple were stronger and never seemed to be sick. They had firmer stance in basketball and karate, could run faster, had better stamina and built. We tried eating corn in lieu of rice, to no avail. We had become addicted to rice. But we enjoyed corn as snack so we made up for the loss through snacks.

You see, there's the other side of corn--it's lots healthier than rice. It's got folic acid and C, E, B1, and B5 Vitamins, to name a few. On minerals, it's got phosphorus and magnesium, some protein, essential healthy fats, and lots of fibers. If you eat bright yellow corn, you get lots of flavonoids. And you need lots of bioflavonoids. Here's why.


Flavonoids Heal You

Flavonoids are micro nutrients your body needs to stay well. If you're sick, especially with deadly diseases, flavonoids help your body heal itself. They're antiviral, antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection and allergies, anti-this-and-that. Name anything bad, it's anti that--or so it seems. Try to search it on the internet--bioflavonoids are wonderfully powerful! So, you should be eating more corn.

Corns have lots of carotenoids and lutein. Carotenoids have the ability to supply what Vitamin you lack by transforming into it! Amazing! It's like this--if say, you lack Vitamin E, carotenoids can transform into an E Vitamin so that you get enough of it. These are just some of the many corn health benefits.

Then lutein. It's not just for good eyesight or preventing macular damage--it's for collagen health. And collagen is not just for healthy skin; it's for anti-aging. And anti-aging is not just about looking and feeling young. Anti-aging means your body delays aging so that your resistance to diseases is also delayed. As you age, your resistance to diseases diminishes because of the greater number of dying cells than new ones replacing them. At age 25, your body starts a faster rate of cell death. So you have to have more lutein and flavonoids and other micro nutrients that help you on the cellular level. So eat enough corn. The other side of corn helps you here.

Corn Tea for Detox

Now, here's a wonderful other side of corn--the tea gets rid of toxins from your body. Here in Deep Asia, folks who suffer from kidney or bladder stone are advised by the elderly to drink corn tea often. And they claim to get amazing relief. The same with those with hypertension. Atherosclerosis is supposed to "melt" or get "washed away" by corn tea.

How do you make the tea? Simple: just boil the husks and cob and drink the brew. According to nutrition experts, the rich nutrition of corn is really in the husks and cob, not the grain itself. No, don't eat the cob and husks. Boil them and drink the tea. They say you should opt for the native variety--they're small but terrible. Some people put some salt to taste, but I say drink it pure and salt-less.


Corn Color is the Key

Wondering what corn type is most nutritious? It has to do with the color of corn. Now, here's the other side of corn--choose the purple type--purple corn. It's the most powerful crop and food on earth! I've talked to some farmers from the Visayas and they claim they have purple corn down there. But research shows the powerful corn is one with the grains, cob, and husks all colored purple. It's rich in bioflavonoids.

So I asked them if their "purple" corn is like that. They said no, theirs only have some purple grains here and there, and the cob and husks are not purple. According to research, this corn has little bioflavonoids, especially the very powerful flavonoid, Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin has unbelievable nutritional benefits. Nutrition scientists are very excited about it and are continuing studies to determine its power extent. Anthocyanin in purple corn has been healing all kinds of diseases in different parts of the world!

It tastes so refreshingly good! Better taasting than your favorite cola drink!
It tastes so refreshingly good! Better taasting than your favorite cola drink! | Source

Where Can We Get Purple Corn?

Purple corn that is super rich in Anthocyanin and flavonoids grows only in Peru--on its high mountains standing from 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level. There, the corn is all-purple. The UV rays of the sun purportedly forced it to evolve from yellow to purple for protection. And that makes it anthocyanin rich. And God seemed to have timed it to be re-discovered in these times when scary and mysterious diseases are popping out left and right. Some aver that purple corn was the original corn in Eden.

Do we need to go to Peru for the corn?

Well, here in Manila and Deep Asia, purple corn juice is available. Visit this site for more details: PURPLE CORN BLOG! According to experts, juicing purple corn does not weaken or decrease its anthocyanin content. And aside from flavonoids, it also has lutein, tarpene, sulphororafanes, carotenoids, and Vitamins E and C. And it tastes better than your favorite cola drink! Most of all, think of the corn health benefits!


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