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Other Uses For The Acai Berry

Updated on June 29, 2010

Today, the health giving properties of the acai berry have made us lose sight of what the palm must have meant to the people who lived in the Amazon region. These slender palms with their incredible fruit were used traditionally for a lot more than the fruit and many locals still use the acai berry palms and their many parts like their ancestors used to.

The acai berries of course are made into an acai berry pulp and eaten as a health food. They are also made into acai berry juice and drunk and into flavours for many foods like ice creams and sodas. Of course, that is the scenario today. In earlier times, the acai berry pulp formed a large part of the Amazon dweller’s diet and it also provided him with health. The locals in the Amazon area however, use a lot more than just the acai berry fruit. The trunks of the tree are used as wood both for fuel and for making wooden products. The wood from this tree seems to be pest-resistant which makes it great not just for use in building but for furniture as well. The trunks are also processed to extract certain minerals. The acai berry leaves are used as thatch for the roofs and they can also be woven into mats and baskets, brooms and hats. Some acai berry palms are cut down to extract the inner core known as the heart of palms which is a delicacy as a vegetable in this region.

Even the acai berry seed is used and that is good because it forms more than three quarters of the fruit. It is crushed and ground and used as animal feed and it is also used in farming as a nutrient for the soil. Oils and fats are also extracted from the acai berry seed and they are carefully cultivated as well for saplings to grow.

Being so much a part of the Amazon dweller’s life, it was but natural that the acai berry tree found many uses in their day to day life. With the area abounding in these trees growing so wild, there it was, free for the taking and the locals made the best possible use for it. From using it in their homes, to their food, to using it for their cattle and in cultivation – every part of the acai berry was put to the best possible use. Of course, this could only be possible because the acai berry tree itself is such a wonder. Like the coconut palm in other regions of the world, the acai berry tree provided these people with everything that they needed and they were almost like silent spirits looking after the needs and health of the inhabitants here. Maybe that’s why the secret of the acai berry and its wonderful health giving properties was kept away from the world because the natives did not want their good fortune to be known to the outside world.


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    • quaywards profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      yes, the amazing acai berry seems to be a panacea for all ills.

    • twogroce profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for providing this information. I have not heard of this before and find it very interesting.


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