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Ouch! Don't Pinch Me!

Updated on November 14, 2011

No one likes to feel pain and no one likes to take medicines to stop the pain, but people are popping pills left and right to manage or control pain. It is so sad that many unfortunate beings have to deal with such dreaded and painful moments when there is so much in life to enjoy, but they can't, because pain seems to be there all the time making them miserable.

I walked into my office and three of my colleagues were waiting for me. They had been to one of my presentations on healthy alternatives and they wanted immediate relief of that nagging pain they felt which they identified was caused by stress, so I asked the common question, "What is the level of your pain on a scale of 1 to 10?" Sound familiar? There was a resounding echo, "It's a 10!" To me, that means that there is an emergency at hand and it is needed to be dealt with immediately, but unfortunately, when you are at work and you have an employer expecting you to do a job, you feel for people like these who have to suffer until the end of the day to come back to see you. But, on the other hand, I would dislike it very much if I were to get fired for helping my colleagues feel better. Even though I have permission to have my own home business, it is not allowed, so I have to ask my colleagues to come back after work. It breaks my heart.

I have been working with people on managing pain for the last decade or so. The best part is teaching people how they can help themselves. I love it when they have that "aha!" moment and when after a simple treatment they feel such a relief that they offer to pay me right on the spot or offer to take me to lunch. Of course, I refuse because I don't charge when I am able to treat someone after my regular work hours. I charge if I have to see them out of my home office and by now you are probably wondering what I do. I teach people how to regain their sense of joy, because I teach them how to live without pain. I promote healthy alternative products and teach healthy alternative techniques that actually work on superficial body pain. Usually, my clients have already been to one doctor after another and the common diagnosis is usually "chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia."  Unfortunately, fibromyalgia is thought to be the most common diagnosis for most pain that is hard to explain. 

Move that Lymph! Use a Rebounder

Lymph is a clear and yellowish fluid with mostly white blood cells that can be described as the body's waste matter.. When a person does not drink enough water, does not exercise properly, does not breathe correctly, does not eat right and/or wears tight clothes; lymph becomes stagnant and it can cause a lot of havoc in the body. Water, along with light bouncing on a rebounder or trampoline will help to move stubborn lymph. Lymph only travels up through the lymphatic system, so if there is no exercise to move the lymph, the person does not watch their diet and continues in a self-destructive path, then the person will start to develop hot spots or painful areas that if you pinch that area, the person will yelp in agony.

Breathing is critical during the process of moving the lymph. While on the rebounder you will need to inhale using your nose and exhale through slightly parted teeth and you do this forcefully making a strong "fff" sound. This, in combination with the light bouncing (feet never leave the rebounder) will help to move the lymph. Add to this a slight but gentle brushing with your hands on the areas where you are experiencing pain and you have the technique that will help clear up the lymph and help to eliminate the long term pain you have been living with. There is no need to live in pain. Some of the techniques that I teach were developed by the late Dr. Samuel West and you can read about them in his book, "The Golden Seven Plus One." You can purchase his book yourself and be on your way to healing yourself. Do NOT let pain get you down. YOU need to come down hard on pain!

I have started developing my own self-help videos. I find that I can teach better than I can write about what I do, because I incorporate into my healing techniques different methods of self-help healing and I find that the combination of energy therapy, energy products, natural supplements, healthy eating habits, breathing techniques, etc. in combination with the subtle bouncing and breathing techniques, along with drinking alkaline water, helps to bring the body back to homeostasis. It is correctly said that "knowledge is power" and for good reason. You can also add to this a very good product I have found that helps 10 different systems of the body by minimizing some health issues. I recommend it along with the techniques I teach. It is amazing to hear people tell me how their lives have changed by making it a point to follow through on what I teach. It's simple, fast and it's effective.

Get Rid of Body Pain Within Minutes!

The Rebounder - The Best for Your Health Needs


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