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Self-Healing by a Knowing, Not a Believing Heart

Updated on November 6, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Happy Heart in Healthy Body
Happy Heart in Healthy Body

Knowing vs. Believing

Do you believe that there is oxygen in the air?

Now, before you may start judging the rest of the article by this question, allow me to assure you that you don't believe it---you know it. I am not merely playing with the words here. In order to know anything, you need to have some very convincing evidence; whereas all beliefs are basically up for grabs, according to our intellectual tastes.

Furthermore, beliefs always contain their flip side, the one of a dis-belief; while there is nothing in the language like dis-knowing. Anyway, let's go a little into those areas of our mental functioning which are handling all that we know, as opposed to what we believe.

Namely, in order to get to that part of this article which directly addresses our capacity to heal ourselves, we need this introduction. We need it to see which part of our mentality does that healing. My definitions may be slightly different from those that you are used to from other relevant literature, but bear with me, at the end it will all look quite logical.

We all know that some 80-90% of all our mental functioning happens below the scope of our conscious awareness---hence the name subconscious mind. Only that 10-20% relates to our wakeful consciousness, and even that goes out of commission while we sleep.

We Are All on a Stage---Playing by Our Heart's Script
We Are All on a Stage---Playing by Our Heart's Script

"Reality?...Hmm, Interesting Concept" - Robin Williams

To help us in understanding why we find self-healing such an impossible feat, we need to get more familiar with the folly of what is real in the first place. O.K., aside with all philosophical treatment of this question, there is also a strictly psychological, even neurological aspect of it---so we won't be fishing in some murky waters.

What we perceive as reality is actually something ridiculously selective, since our subconscious decides---without our knowing---about limits of our perception. And it wouldn't even be much of an issue, because who would really want to have an x-ray vision to see everyone around as a skeleton; or smell all that crap present in our pollution; or hear an exaggerated loudness of the traffic...etc.

But, what comes next may not make us so happy. Namely, our subconscious mind is also selecting for us only those pieces of information which are relevant to our knowing system. Please note I didn't use the usual expression of "belief system".

There is a strong reason for it, and it has to do with the fact that our heart, the real center of our subconscious, contains all those axiomatic, unchallengeable truisms, and then it tends to filter out most of the "irrelevant" input which has nothing to do with that fund of knowledge. It is an incredible treasure chest of information---but again, we only get a part of it which somehow fits into our life script of truisms.

Reality, my friends, could be one of the most ridiculous concepts that man has ever made up.

A Hypnotist Could Make You "See" Anything He Chooses---Because That would Be Your Heart's Knowing
A Hypnotist Could Make You "See" Anything He Chooses---Because That would Be Your Heart's Knowing

Brain Believes---Heart Debunks

Our heart has its "brain representative", the right brain hemisphere, which computes its impressions non-verbally, by images, metaphors, symbols, and the spatial sense. On the other side, we got this left hemisphere, or "new brain", which is verbal, analytical, logical, linear, with causes and effects being its main feature in its processing the incoming information.

Deep in our hearts we know that it can be done, and anecdotal evidence about placebo miracles are attesting to it---but our hearts need a personal proof in order to form its executive knowing, the one that would be stronger than our life-script.

Having a mind of its own, it filters out self-healing as nonexistent. That's why positive affirmations and positive thinking only take care of the edge of our negative responses to life. The deep seated heart knowing tells a different story---and that counts.

Now, that is not to be confused with the body's automatic tendency to heal itself. But as we know it, our poor stress management, eating habits, and especially our dominant "emotional climate" will make a dent in that automatic healing mechanism. So, here we are exclusively talking about our intentional healing which is the result of cultivated heart truisms which totally accept self-healing as a possibility.

Maybe the best proof about how those deep seated heart truisms select a reality for us can be found in the phenomenon of hypnotism. A hypnotist can play with all your five senses the way he wants by installing a strong suggestion into your executive subconscious which tells you what is real.

So, he can make you see an extraterrestrial standing right in front of you; he can make you hear sounds that are not there; just for purposes of scientific experiment---not to torture the participant---hypnotist told him that the ice cold water he was touching was hot, resulting with his developing instant blisters on his hand.

Brain's Knowledge Is in Category with Beliefs---Because It Can Be Changed Tomorrow.
Brain's Knowledge Is in Category with Beliefs---Because It Can Be Changed Tomorrow.

Science Is Left Brain's Baby

The power of heart's knowing may be even better illustrated by those well documented cases of folks with multiple personalities---as one of "them" had brown eyes, which instantly turned blue when they switched into the other personality version.

As I mentioned earlier, our left brain hemisphere which is calculative, logical, verbal, analytical---and almost exclusively used in our daily mental processes---cannot produce that kind of a powerful belief. Again, beliefs are easy to replace. I can believe that tomorrow will be a sunny day, but one look at the weather forecast may change that belief.

Science is all in the area of the left brain, and its truisms are just as flexible as anything else in that hemisphere. We could compare science to religion, except that science is an open belief system, whereas religion is a closed one. That is to say that today's science is tomorrow's fallacy, as we are progressing by challenging the old thought---while religion insists on maintaining the old thought. Both are belief systems though.

Even mathematics as one of the strongest tools in theoretical science is not reliable. Namely, oftentimes scientists will nonchalantly change an equation to make it more suitable to express results of an experiment.

Nothing in life speaks louder than heart's knowing. Can heart's knowing be wrong? Of course, but it is still equally powerful. Up to our age of 7, it's our heart that does thinking for us. When impressions about our worth make us think low about ourselves as kids, that may stay in us forever, filtering out every sign of us being worthy human beings. We may become icons in society, and still secretly never experience it as a proof of our worthiness. Such is the power of the heart's knowing.

Nevertheless, since we can't count on turning self-healers overnight, prudence calls for using our regular medical treatment whenever it's needed, while we are cultivating our heart's ability to heal ourselves---on the side. You understand that I have to mention it as a disclaimer, so that nobody may get an idea that I am giving a medical advice in this, or any other of my articles.

Heart's Healing Can Be Magical
Heart's Healing Can Be Magical

Heart's Knowing Heals

It was Jesus who told us to think with a heart of a child. For that alone we might suspect that he knew quite a bit about the quantum world, where nothing is solid, including ourselves---it's all a soup of light waves and particles in their incredible dance of creation and re-creation.

On that level of reality we are just as moldable, fluid, and what is most important, incredibly dependent upon the kind of energy frequencies produced by our heart. Heart is said to generate several times stronger electromagnetic field than brain, and its impact on our overall state of health, vitality, even happiness and circumstances of living is impossible to overestimate.

It was known in ancient times, and now science is catching up with those old teachings, as the evidence keeps piling about some miraculous healings produced by placebo effect, and little less by other modalities of implanting strong knowingness into our hearts.

One of the most amazing "laws" of heart's reasoning is that there is absolutely no damn laws. I mean, nothing has to be logical about it; and as a matter of fact, when we try to think logically about our self-healing, we are bound to sabotage the process.

We know why---because there is no business for left-brain in it. Nothing is to "make sense", as we simply place an intent into our heart---allowing the possibility of other state of our health than the one present. Remember Jesus's words---thinking with the heart of a child. Just living that new state of health does it.

Insisting on Happiness NO MATTER WHAT Overrides Old Negative Heart's Truisms
Insisting on Happiness NO MATTER WHAT Overrides Old Negative Heart's Truisms

Retraining Our Hearts for Healing

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Nothing succeed like success". Think about it for a moment. If we wanted to produce self-healing with our left-brain, we would gather all the information, make a plan of a treatment, and then "try" to apply it.

All that is avoided by heart and it's "brain-ambassador" the right-brain. Guess what---there is nothing to fix, since a convinced heart is never problem-oriented, but solution-oriented. All it knows is its image of ourselves being whole, and how we act, feel, and even reason as whole individuals.

In order to "convince our heart" to heal us, we simply have to spend more time "being in a heart that wants to heal". In other words, we have to practice feeling great. Initially it's funny how our heart is telling us "wait, my truisms are opposite to this what you are trying here".

And that is the right time to go wise and allow that inner voice to say whatever it wants---to smile at it---and to gently keep insisting on feeling fine. NO MATTER WHAT goes on in our feelings---nothing is to be suppressed, but gently looked at---while we continue with our insistence on feeling great.

Then, with a deep sigh and a smile on our face, let's make it even more of a blissful feeling. All along, the point being that to every lousy feeling we respond with an inner smile and an insistence on feeling great. Well, think of anything that would make you feel that way---then reproduce the feeling.

The general idea being that our heart starts accepting that as a new truism about what our life is all about". Heart is ever watching how we respond to life, and when we feel great even when situation doesn't justify it---at that point the inner healing starts. Not before. Not before that feeling becomes so habitual in our heart that it starts producing it on its own.

When that blissfulness becomes automatic, it becomes extremely strong. It's not anymore about "believing", it's about "knowing". And a knowing heart is the most powerful thing in the world. You can see it for yourself---as soon as you stop "believing", and start "knowing"---and you won't know until your heart tells you it's so.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 8 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I echo Audrey's remarks. My belief system has changed many times as I travel through life. Sometimes it's very difficult to undo a belief that was instilled in childhood. The heart and brain are powerful organs that work together. It is up to us to use the healing that's available for the taking...

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 8 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      My heart is saying thank you Val for the clarification of the right brain and the left brain. I must be more right brain as I've lived my life listening to my heart. It rules!

      But now I've learned (from you) that my heart is a healer. I can heal myself. I KNOW this. I'm grateful to you my friend for writing this piece - so full of wisdom and truth.