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Our stomach

Updated on May 22, 2012

our stomach and other parts

Stomach is the widest part of our digesting lies just below the shapes like “j” when it is empty. The crushed and grounded food items from our mouth will move through digestive canal and reaches the stomach. The food will be properly mixed with saliva. The stomach contains digestive juice. The main content of this juice is acid-hydrochloric acid. The stomach wall contains three core cells which produce this acid and juice.these cells produces more than two litter of digestive juice per day. The food materials mix with this juice and dilute with in and become soft. There are three layers of muscles in stomach. The continuous compressions of these muscles make these materials softer and dilute. Then it will enter in to small intestine.


The stomach juice also contain pepsin enzyme. The combination of acid and pepsin will digest any type of food. Some time it will digest the own cells on the will cause peptic ulcer.

The glands which see on the wall of the stomach are called gastric gland and pyloric gland. The parietal cells in gastric gland produce hydro chloric acid. The structure of pyloric gland is same as gastric gland. But it doesn’t contain parietal cells. The cells in pyloric gland produces gastrin will control the wounds in stomach.

The secret behind heart burn is because of these acids. The digesting juice from stomach will enter in to digestive canal. This will cause heart burn. Usually nothing will enter back in to the digestive is because of the valve mechanism present on the bottom side of digesting canal, entrance to the stomach. Its constitute ring made up of soft muscle called sphincter. We can see these sphincters in the different parts of our body. When this sphincter get loosen the digesting juice enter back in to digesting will cause heart burn.

All we know about vomiting. Actually what is vomiting? It is the process of getting out of food material from stomach through mouth. Usually the food will move down only. If it comes back sphincter will block this. Vomiting happens like this:-when the pyloric sphincter from stomach to small intestine closes the diaphragm and abdominal wall will contract. Stomach will get congest between diaphragm and abdominal walls. This time sphincter in digesting canal will get open and food items will flow out through mouth. The epiglottis will block the food from entering in to lungs. There are different reasons behind vomiting.


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