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Out of Body Projection

Updated on November 5, 2015

Volume 7, series 1

Profound and extraordinarily unique is the Out of Body Experience (OBE) or projection. It sometimes happens randomly and without any prior knowledge or current knowledge of how or why it happens to some people.

Out of body experiences or projection or Astral experiences (OBE) are experiences that people perceive that they are experiencing while out of their bodies in spirit. There are different types of projections or astral experiences.

Somehow the mind or brain perceives that the mind is experiencing that the mind is projected or out of the body, floating or gliding if you will, and it see's its natural body on a bed or in another area and hovers over it.

Some ancient civilizations practiced the Art of Astral Projection when on another plane or astral plane. This is called another spiritual plane or consciousness. We inherited several planes of consciousness at birth and carried it into adulthood as our wisdom of the world progresses. There are very few lay-people who know or have knowledge of this type of consciousness and the ones who practice it are mostly shamans, mystics, psychic's, and people who are on a spiritual journey into astral projection or achieving another dimension into our consiousness. Sometimes a person can acheive an astral projection or out of body experience in a dream state or dreamscape. Others still achieve this projection in a awakened state of mind but while they are meditating.

Some astral projections are also self-induced and this is something that is practiced in some meditation centers. These types of projections are called Channeling. Channeling is the form of projection you get when you meditate and are helped by a spirit guide, Prophets, mystics, shaman, or saint on an astral journey by advise of the guide. The person also experiences teachings by and from the guide on how to expand or see the world by this guides vision of the world. Some spirit planes can be achieved by using spirit boards. One of these boards is a ouija board but, it is said that this particular board is dangerous. The reason the ouija is dangerous is it may let in bad spirits to wherever the spirit board game is played and there is no antidote on how to make them go away after they come into this physical plane.

Mediums also achieve this type of spiritual plane when they communicate with the dead. They are calling on the spirit guides in the invisible world or dead to guide them through an issue. What is extraordinary is we cannot injure ourselves or be injured while we are in this spiritual plane. We have limitless places we can travel with only focusing on them in our thoughts.

However, most out of body experiences or astral projections are when a person is near death (NDE) or reaching a level of fatal factors in their health that they perceive themselves to have crossed over to another plane and see themselves before they completely die. In other words, they are very near death and this is a plane they must cross in order to either remain in this world or cross over into the spiritual world. In some cases they have been confirmed to be clinically dead in the physical world.

Symptoms include:

  • Floating
  • Gliding
  • Above body experience
  • Spiritual state or plane
  • Near death
  • Loud humming or buzzing
  • Bright lights at end of tunnel

Out of body experiences have also been recorded or said to have happenned to people in the religious order and are confirmed stories in the bible for example 2 Corinthinans 12:2-5 and the Book of Islam or Koran where Mohammed tells a story of traveling to another realm or plane and visiting Jerusleum and Mecca. There are even stories in Judaism.

Ancient religions like those of the Egypians and Tibetan monks have also practiced the art of being on an astral plane or higher level of consciousness. These dimensions are also called realms or planes of consciousness. This can also be called the opening of the third eye chakra in the chakra belief system.

There are also numerous stories of people who are lay-people that have experienced the astral projection for themselves either by it being self-induced or by near death experiences.

Some of the stories that some people report and recorded for themselves are in this website:

In other instances, some people teach or help out the party spiritually in inducing an astral projection or out of body experience. They are normally others who have practiced the art of astral projection and they use several relaxing or meditation techniques to acheive this state of consciousness. Some of them are:

  • Preparing for it before or after waking up
  • Covering self with a light blanket or sheet
  • Lying down on a bed w/out crossing legs or arms
  • Relaxing and breathing for a short period of time
  • Closing your eyes
  • Focus on chest and stomach when breathing
  • Relaxing until all your muscles are relaxed with no tension
  • Lastly tricking yourself into thinking you are awake instead of asleep and meeting your spirit guide.

Do not try this until you are absolutely sure you want to perform or acheive this state of mind and are ready for this type of experience. A person has to be mentally sure of this type of experience or they may be incapable of experiencing a relaxed astral projection. Some of the shamans and mystics have practiced these techniques for years before they were able to acheive the type of ecperience that they truly enjoyed.

Within the last century it has popped up over the years and is becoming more mainstream amoung lay people. Another part of this type of experience is lucid dreaming or another plane of dreamscape.

By Aida Garcia


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