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Home Remedy Cure for Depression

Updated on January 29, 2014

Despair is Temporary, Like Everything Else

Motion Changes Emotion

No one is going to talk you out of despondency. Someone can console you by saying that from time to time it's a normal, temporary part of everyone's life, but that won't get rid of it. What will? Moving around is my answer.

If your despondency is great, your movements might have to be enormous to shake it off. You might actually have to move. I'm talking about moving-vans, packed up boxes, 30-days notice, and you're gone, out of there!

But hopefully, it won't have to come to that. Most despondencies can be dispelled quite easily, simply by agitating or moving around mindlessly, strolling out the door, down the hall, just doing anything, as long as you're doing and not motionless and only thinking. Even tapping your fingers on the wall is better than remaining still when you're in despair.

Walking outdoors on the sidewalk is great therapy. You see other people and get some feeling for the emotions they are experiencing. They might be in a hurry, anxious and worried, or happy and silly, maybe talking on the phone, or worse, getting mad or blowing their horns. Whatever it is, you can connect with it somehow. It takes you out of your own thoughts just long enough to put your discouragement on hold while you think about something else.

Connecting with other people in a positive or sympathetic way is the first step toward pulling out of the nose-dive known as despondency. We are all social creatures. Even a hermit will connect somehow. Our relations with other people, whether real or imaginary, are the most important determinants of our moods.

It seems ironic that a senseless physical activity, like moving around aimlessly or walking around the block, can be the key to overcoming a complicated, inexplicable state of despondency. But it opens the door to change, just as opening a book opens a door to knowledge, or turning on the computer opens our door to the Internet and the possibility for interpersonal interaction of some kind.

Despondency usually results from a string of bad luck, financial, emotional, physical, or otherwise. Success is the greatest motivator, but the reverse also is true.

Motion, no matter how slight, readjusts our environmental situation enough to allow some slight external stimulation to seep in. Movement breeds change; and despondency, residing as it does inside our minds, can be dispelled by new thoughts. By moving around, we expose ourselves to thought-provoking experiences.

Exercise is an ideal example of shaking depression by using physical motion to start the process of change.

So, if it's one of those days when you have the blahs,don't just sit and think. Do something, anything. Wait and see if it doesn't go away.


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