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Over The Counter Eczema Treatment--Three Natural Over the Counter Eczema Treatments That You Should Know About

Updated on January 15, 2010

Believe it or not, there are a number of good over the counter eczema treatment products on the market.  Now when you hear over the counter, you're probably thinking of a hydrocortisone or antihistamine cream that helps to relieve symptoms.  Even those these products are over-the-counter, and may work for the short term, they may lose their effectiveness after prolonged used and may also produce nasty side effects.  But there are some natural alternatives.  Read on to learn what these alternatives are, how they work, and what customer's think about them.

What is Eczema?

Eczema, or dermatitis,  is a general term describing a chronic, recurring disorder involving the inflammation of the skin.  In essence, eczema is a broad term for a variety of persistent skin ailments.  Even though the different types of eczema (ie. atopic, contact, dyshidrotic, seborrhoeic, etc...) differ, they do share some symptoms in common.  This includes redness of the skin, extreme dryness, itching, crusting, flakiness, swelling, blistering, and bleeding.

Eczema-prone skin is dry, not because of the lack of natural oils or lubricants, but because it doesn't easily retain water.  There are other factors that may contribute to eczematic skin including extreme temperature changes, cold temperature, low humidity, wind, soaps, food and air allergens, and not moisturizing properly.

Treatments For Eczema

The best treatment for eczema is restoring the skin's moisture. This can easily be achieved by soaking in water for 5 to ten minutes, followed by moisturizing while the skin is still slightly damp. The best time for bathing and moisturizing is a night right before going to bed, since you are least likely to lose moisture while you are sleeping. To keep the skin from getting dry, you should also take care to moisturize the skin throughout the day, as needed.

When prescribing a treatment for eczema, dermatologist consider a number of factors including the type of eczema, its severity, and the age, medical history, and overall health of the patient. It is rare that one treatment is enough for treating eczema. In fact, medical science has determined that the most effective eczema treatments are a combination of topical and oral treatments coupled with certain lifestyle changes.
Listed below are the conventional treatments for eczema:

Moisturizers. The #1 remedy for eczema that specialists recommend is frequent skin moisturizing. The best type of moisturizers have a low water and high oil content, irritant, dye, and fragrance free. Emollients are often recommended as they are effective at rehydrating the skin while having a mild inflammatory effect.

Corticosteroids or Topical Steroids. These creams are available in different strength levels and are used for decreasing inflammation.

Oral antihistamines. These drugs are prescribed to control persistent and severe itching. Antihistamines are used to fight the triggers of inflammation.

Oral corticosteroids. These are prescribed to control acute cases of eczema.

With the exception of moisturizing, there are several drawbacks to these treatments. First, high potency steroid creams may cause side-effects such as thinning of the skin if used for a prolonged period of time. Prolonged use of oral corticosteroids such as Prednisone may produce harmful side effects such as edema (fluid retention), glaucoma, elevated blood pressure, and increased risk of infections. Cyclosporine is another drug used to treat eczema that suppresses the immune system. Oral histamines are sedatives, so drowsiness is a common side-effect.

There are other types of non-steroidal creams that physicians prescribe for eczema. Protopic and Elidel are topical non-steroidal creams which have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating eczema. However, the FDA issued a warning in 2005 stating that these drugs may cause the development of certain types of cancers. These drugs are also dangerous because they are calcineurin inhibitors, which are immune system suppressants. Because of the potential dangers and side effects of these drugs, doctors tend to prescribe them if a patient is unresponsive to other forms of treatments, and limit use for short time periods.

Natural Over the Counter Eczema Treatments

Of course, most over the counter eczema treatments such as lotions, ointments and hydrocortisone creams tend to be low potency and have less severe consequences. But even those treatments may be doing more harm than good in the long term. Fortunately, there are a few natural over the counter eczema treatments that are safe, effective, and side effect free.

Moisturizing Treatment: Active Naturals Manuka Honey Cream

Native to a little known New Zealand tree, Manuka honey is has powerful healing properties that effectively alleviates eczema. Containing antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey fights against bacterial colonization and infections. This sweet remedy also can help eliminate dry eczema patches, reduce inflammation, regenerate skin cells, and heal damaged skin.

The Active Manuka Honey Cream moisturizer contain all of the power of the wonderful honey in a 1 1/2 tube. Made in New Zealand, this cream contains vitamins, minerals and proteins the are gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Other reasons why this is a great eczema cream:

  • Made from natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  • Fragrance free
  • Contains key ingredient vitamin E, which is an essential eczema healing ingredient
  • Has antioxidants that are healing and helps keep the skin's youthful appearance
  • Great bacteria fighter and is comparable to steroid creams without the side effects.

This cream is a little pricey, but with its high quality ingredients and healing effects, its worth every dollar. Here are a what a few people are saying about this cream:


"...eczema free! For years, I suffered from severe eczema on my hands and arms and could not find anything to heal my skin. I tried the prescribed ointments and creams, but could still not get rid of the excessive dryness and itchiness.
I tried the Active Manuka Honey Cream and immediately saw results after the first application!

"...Truly amazing...I had a very mild case of eczema on two fingers and saw a dermatologist who prescribed a steroid-type cream. I wanted to avoid using steroids of any kind, so I stopped using after only a few days. I looked into other "more natural" options and read about the benefits of manuka honey. I thought I'd buy a tube just to see. I've used it for only 2 weeks now and my eczema is so much better...

Of course, this cream doesn't work for everyone...

"...One consumer's perspective...A member of my family has a persistent patch of eczema that is constantly itchy. Use of prescription steroidal creams hasn't helped much, so we started to try out other products. Application of the manuka honey cream to the eczema produces an immediate burning sensation. Eventually that sensation subsides and the patch isn't itchy for a while (but just for a little while). After regularly using the product for 3-4 weeks, there hasn't been a noticeable improvement in the eczema.

Topical Cream Treatment: Florasone Cream

Florasone is the first natural alternative to cortisone creams introduced in the United States. This homeopathic cream's active ingredient is 10% tincture of the tropical vine Cardiospermum, a medicinal plant used traditionally in Africa and India. In addition to Florasone's great anti-inflammatory properties, it is also:

  • Effective at relieving itching
  • Non-greasy, absorbs quickly and easily
  • great alternative to corticosteroid that can be used for prolonged periods of time without the side effects
  • Clinically proven to be effective

What some have to say about Florasone Cream:


"...Florasone Works...This product is the only thing that works consistently on my 5-year-old son's eczema. Literally works overnight.

"...Miracle cream for me...This product worked and worked great. i tried the steroid route only to make my eczema worse. this product over a few months has actually cleared up some big patches of eczema without the steroid side effects.

"...The Natural Alternative to Cortisone...offering fast relief for itches and rashes from eczema and allergies, but the scent takes some getting used to!...I raved about this to the Pharmacist and said to tell other patients and customers about this alternative to the cortisone creams. Not only does this work for us eczema folks, it is also intended for rashes that are associated with detergents, cosmetics, jewelry and soaps."

Oral eczema treatment: Loma Lux Homeopathic Medicine

Loma Lux Homeopathic Medicine is an over the counter skin treatment that helps to relieve itching by calming the nervous system. This natural pill also helps to fight and prevent the bacteria that causes redness and inflammation. Loma Lux:

  • Has no side-effects
  • Is developed by a dermatologist
  • Is low dose
  • Can be taken with other natural eczema treatments
  • Active ingredients are FDA approved.

What people are saying about Loma Lux:


"...Finally...If your concerned about steroids and have tried everything else without success, try this. It works for me. After three to four weeks the symptoms were gone and my skin healed up completely.

"...No more steroid creams! THIS REALLY WORKS!...This product has worked miraculously for me! I suffered from constant eczema my entire life and have tried every cream (prescription and OTC) there is. My rashes would keep me up all night itching. They most often occurred on the inside of my elbows, hands and back of knees. I tried Loma Lux out of sheer desperation while scouring the internet one night. I had NO expectations that it would actually work, but within 2 weeks my eczema was gone and I have been rash free for over 3 months....

" ...Some relief...It has seemed to provide some relief for my daughter. Can't say it is miraculous or permanent, but better.

"...No effect...Our children have eczema to varying degrees. One has extremely severe eczema all over and the other has it more mildly and more localized.
Both have had all types of treatments, medications, ointments, etc.
This product has had zero effect on both. There was no reduction in the amount or severity of the eczema both aesthetically or rash wise."

Although all of these natural treatments are very safe and very effective, they cannot cure eczema. Getting rid of eczema takes more than topical treatments: the body must be treated as a whole from the inside out. Learn more about identifying underlying causes of eczema and how to treat them effectively by instantly getting your copy of Beat Eczema today!

Do you use an over the counter treatment for eczema? Tell us about it!

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    • Joy Lahman profile image

      Joy Lahman 18 months ago

      A doctor friend of mine had said that using some lotion that starts with an E us really good for eczema.

    • profile image

      dedelee 2 years ago

      I was looking for a non-steroid approach to eczema, and I have been using the Aloe & Jojoba Lotion from Made from Earth's brand. This is the best one! It soaks in very well, and it moisturizes the skin very well. I directly put the Aloe & Jojoba Lotion on my face, hand, and hair too. My 1-year-old daughter had some rash recently and she was scratching her skin. I put this Made from Earth Aloe Lotion on her skin all over after the bath every day, and her rash and itchness were gone in two weeks. Try it - it will work for you too.

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      Very informative hub on eczema! I think the general tenor of this hub is to stress the prevalence of natural remedies over medical ones, which can cause harm after prolonged use.

    • profile image

      armstong 6 years ago


      Eczema crear.

      i am very impress for your is very good for your skin.

      Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You actually have amazing articles. Appreciate it for sharing with us your website.


    • profile image

      colleen 6 years ago

      Ive deveolped a small but nasty looking rash on my finger that appeared to morning after i ate a lot of sushi. Turns out seaweed contains a lot of nickel, and i have also been going through a lot of stress. After doing some research i have figured i going to the store to try to find a cream or ointment that contains either tacrolimus or pimecrolimus.

    • jseven profile image

      jseven 6 years ago from Michigan

      I like the natural approach to skin conditions but topical steroids have caused me much grief as I got addicted to them. Beware! I wrote a hub about this.

    • webtoys profile image

      webtoys 7 years ago

      I loved what you've done here. The design is elegant, your content classy. Yet, you've got an edginess to what you're offering here. Ill definitely come back for more if you keep this up. Dont lose hope if not too many people see your vision, know you've got a fan right here who values what you've got to say and the way you've presented yourself. Good on you!

    • profile image

      StopMyEczema 7 years ago

      I have seen these before. I am scared to try the one with honey though. Everything I try is fragrance free.

      Thank you for the information :)

    • Anya_Marcot profile image

      Anya_Marcot 7 years ago from NY

      Florazone works! I have used it and it is wonderful for the itchies. Great hub!

    • profile image

      mkelps 7 years ago

      I have been using a few different products from The Body Shop with some success, but lately I have been reading a lot about treatments from the sea, in particular seaweed. I found a site that seems to have some good products but before I buy, I want to know if anyone has had any success with seaweed based products?? Help!

    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 7 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      Excellent info. TY John000


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