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Overachieving: The Positive Side of Thriving Beyond Expectations

Updated on May 4, 2017

An overachiever is a person who constantly goes the extra mile and separated his or herself from the crowd. For example, when everyone else is getting ready to go home after a hard day’s work, the overachiever stays longer and improves in knowledge, skills, and talents.

Overachieving brings you recognition and reward. When you can do something ten times better than the person next to you who is doing the same thing, then people will acknowledge you and include you in their conversations regarding great people. For example, some notable overachievers in sports include such legends as:

Basketball Players

  • Michael Jordan
  • Coby Bryant:
  • Alvin Iverson
  • Magic Johnson
  • John Stockton
  • Patrick Ewing

Icons of Other Sports:

  • Venus Williams: Tennis
  • Serena Williams: Tennis
  • Michael Phelps: Swimming
  • Usain Bolt: Track & Field

What distinguished these sports icons from their peers was their insatiable hunger for perfecting their craft. Day and night, these individuals dreamed of becoming the best. They woke up in the morning and went to bed at night seeing themselves at the top of their game.

7 Qualities of an Over Achiever


You got to be hungry to be the best in your class. This mentality not only applies to sports but also applies to every other profession in life, whether business, technology, fashion or science. If you have a hunger for being the best, then you will rise to the top of your industry.


Setbacks and bad breaks don’t’ weaken the hunger and passion that an over achiever has for being the best in the game. Instead of becoming discouraged, he or she keeps an eye on the big picture.

Overachieving: The Positive Way Forward

Do You Go Joyously from One Achievement to Another?

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Greatness understands that the opportunity for pleasure will always available. While others are somewhere relaxing on a beach, people who achieve greatly are willing to sacrifice seasons of pleasure just to create the ultimate image: a reputation for being best in the game.

Therefore, going the extra mile and consistently burning the midnight oil is a joyful adventure instead of an agonizing pursuit.


Because they are always doing the extra things that increase greatness, people who are outstanding are also creative. They use that extra time to come up with new ideas, unique skills and special abilities which surprise their competitors.


Over achievers are willing to sacrifice time, pleasure and other activities to put in tons of overtime practice. Sometimes their passion places them in opposition with family members and loyal friends who desire to spend time catching up on things.


People who go for greatness are unstoppable. They are willing to plow through the difficulties and rough patches of life until they reach their dreams.

Sense of Urgency

Over achievers understand that opportunities come and go. For example, taking advantage of new technology that will boost your performance ahead of the competition will go a long way in distinguishing your company from all others.

The lack of urgency will always open a door for the competition to get ahead in the marketplace and weaken your customer base.

The One thing You Must do to Become an Over Achiever

The thrill of achievement impacts not only the lives of those who achieve greatly but also the lives of those within his or her circle of influence. People, including family and friends, are always observing the habits and routines of those who are at the top.

When you constantly achieve, people are inspired by your emerging greatness.

Becoming an over achiever requires that you are willing to go further than the competition. For example, if your rivals stay and practice basketball in the gym for two hours a day, you must be willing to practice five hours a day and love every minute of it. The goal is to go the extra mile and do the little things that make a difference.

Warning: Overachieving vs. Overworking

Don’t confuse over achieving with over working. People who do the extra are people who enjoy life while they are putting in the extra work. They are not tired and exhausted like those who are engaged in extreme work. What most people call work the over achiever call play.

Overworking means that you are laboring because you are overwhelmed by your duties and responsibilities. You don’t enjoy doing them. overworking is stressful work. People who are under pressure are attempting to meet deadlines, fulfill the demands, or prevent loss of lively hood.

Bottom Line

The ability to excel above others and keep on exceling is the mark of an over achiever. Spending a few more hours practicing for the game, working on a project or studying for a test will take you pass the competition and give you a reputation as an over achiever.


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