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Overcome Depression and Take Back Your Life

Updated on July 18, 2011

Depression completely robs you of your joy and happiness. When you are depressed, it’s hard to even remember feeling those emotions. It’s like you are lost on a highway that you instinctively know ends in a pit of quicksand and you can’t find an exit. Any exit would work, it doesn’t have to be the great happiness exit, or the joy exit, or the laugh exit. Just an “I don’t feel so bad anymore” exit would be welcome. Many people welcome bedtime because sleep feels like a respite from the anxiety of depression.

You keep thinking that you must have been happy at one time, but this deep unhappiness is weighting your mind down like a heavy blanket. It’s hard for you to remember happier times, and it’s hard to convince yourself that at some point you will feel happy again. You can’t think clearly, your mind runs around the same tracks over and over again.The thoughts you are thinking tend to be negative and to reinforce themselves. You are focusing on things you have done or failed to do in the past and beating yourself up with regret. Whatever it is, it is your focus now and you are not letting it go.

If you have gone through a life altering event recently, or have been ill, it may be even harder to find that exit you are looking for. You may have to have outside help in finding that exit. Biochemical changes in the brain affect your judgment and ability to make decisions. This does not mean you need medication. But you might. You will definitely benefit from a positive outside influence simply because that influence can see with a clarity you cannot at present.

One of the reasons why a journal helps is that you can write down everything that is going on in your head. This gives you a bit of clarity in itself because unlike the message in your head that seems to be on a repeating reel, when you write a thought down, you don’t tend to write the same words over and over. Just getting it out of your head is sometimes enough to examine it in a clearer light. The thoughts that cause such soul stirring feelings may not look as powerful when written on paper. The act of writing takes away much of their hurtful power over us, and the more you write the more of your power you get back. You are taking your power back, your ability to control your thoughts and emotions and feelings once more is yours. As you get stronger, you will find that keeping your journal is a valuable tool for allowing you to understand how your thoughts influenced how you felt at this point in time. The more you understand your thought processes, the more control you have.

Many times when you are depressed, it’s because you are no longer in charge of making things happen in your life. Things are happening to you and you are just reacting. The only way to stop reacting is to take charge and make things happen in your life. Keeping a journal is one way of taking charge. Try it. Take back your power. Take back your life.


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