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Learn to Swim Like an Olympic Medalist: 5 Swimming Gear You Can't Do Without!

Updated on April 1, 2013
Swimming Gear you Will Need When Learning How to Swim
Swimming Gear you Will Need When Learning How to Swim

You may want to laugh at this. I would actually let you have a full 3-seconds good old guffaw at this if I wasn't so stuck with keeping you engaged on this page before you progress to more pressing urges in your busy schedule. After all, swimming is just but a hobby, isn't it? No. I'll explain that at an opportune time. Maybe in another post.

But read the title on this page again, then listen to this, "I don't know how to swim!" Sounds... I don't know how it sounds to you, but it makes me feel what I feel whenever I tell someone that I don't know how to ride a bicycle.

Just to be on the clear on this, in my side of town, some extra-curricular activities such as learning how to swim and cycle are strict societal expectations of every boy child. They learn to swim in seasonal rivers that flood twice per year. Completely naked, nothing like swim suits or life-savers, no coaches just a daring attitude and the flooding brown water. This would make a weak-heated wussy wimp out. But I wasn't a wussy, far from that. I was never into any extra-curricular activity. Mine were books, good ol' books that never bit, until this part of childhood passed and I graduated into adulthood without an inkling on how to do a backstroke, feather-stroke or fuckstroke!

But five months ago, I got hired and deployed to Malindi as a news correspondence for one of the leading Daily Newspapers in Kenya. You can guess my enthusiasm for the well-paying job; enthusiasm that lasted until we had some free time to kill and my colleagues propose we hit the coral reef beaches of Malindi for some swimming, surfing and whatever else that people do on a beach.

Needless to say, I hired a swimming tutor and my evenings are spent trying to swim like an Olympic gold medalist, I may even learn how to surf, in the process! And believe me, it isn't as hard as it sounds. Here we go:

What You Will Need for the Swimming Lessons

It would not be prudent to make you learn to swim like the boys in my hood did. We need to make sure that you are safe that you have something to boost your courage as you take that dive into the cold, cold water. So here is a quick list of what you will need before we start our free online swimming lessons:

  • Guts, Guts and Guts

hahaha. Whoever told you that you do not need the guts to swim because you are taking the dive in the shallow end of the YMCA swimming pool and with a lifesaver jacket attached to your chest obviously lied to you. You need courage to step to that edge of the swimming pool; courage to face the water, and if you are an adult, the courage to accept that you don't know how to swim yet you need to learn how to swim.

  • Swimsuits

Of course you will need a swimming suit if you don't intend to go skinny-dipping. Like everything technology today, swimming suits have also evolved and chances are you will find a good swimsuit for your lessons if you, one that possibly offers little resistance to water, and does not easily fade even when subject to chlorinated water for a long period.

Generally, you would want to appear cool and in your element when you are learning how to swim. This will boost your morale and possibly enhance your chances of mastering the swimming techniques.

  • Goggles

You need the goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine and other harmful substances that might be in your learning 'ground'. Goggles will also help keep your eyes open, and let you know where you are going. Other than that swimming is one of those things that you enjoy more with your eyes open than with them closed.

  • Bathing Caps

When you are learning to swim, doing it with as little water resistance as possible is of great help. So, if you have long hair, a bathing cap will come in handy in reducing water-resistance which could be caused by your long hair. Adorning a bathing cap while in the YMCA or any other public swimming pool is also not only courteous to other swimmers but also healthy. No one needs to come out of the swimming pool with fluffs of your hair hanging on his chest.

Other swimming gear you may need include:

  1. Swim fins
  2. Nose Clip
  3. Pull buoys
  4. Water Noodles
  5. Kickboard


Whether you are a child or an adult, Choosing the right swimming gear is essential to your success in learning how to swim like an Olympic Gold Medalist. It soaks you in into your element ready to tackle the hard part.

I found some cool swimming merchandise in online stores. You may want to check them out below.


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