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8 Easy to Follow Tips on Overcoming Alcoholism

Updated on February 17, 2016

1. Avoid Depression If you are Quitting Alcohol

Many people drink alcohol in order for them to skip away from the depression, pressure and other problems that life had brought to them. When grieving, they drink alcohol. When in time of sorrow or in trouble they drink alcohol in order for them to forget and skip from the realty. There are also some who drink alcohol to feel at ease especially after work.

People addicted to alcohol depend on the spirit of the alcohol. The brain depend on the alcohol to avoid stress, in the long run the effect of being dependent to alcohol affects your body system. People who attempt to quit alcohol, especially those who are addicted into drinking alcohol, experiences anxiety, depression and emotional disorders.

Many people who are suffering from depression feels sad all the time, feeling grumpy, frustrated, have difficulty in sleeping. Some also feel irritable, feel like they are worthless and the worst is they feel like hurting themselves.

It is hard to quit an addiction. Depression and anxiety are the most common effect of this. However, there are some tips in order to help those who are suffering from depression while quitting alcohol.

Claim to be successful.

Manager yourself not to be tempted with alcohol to succeed.
Manager yourself not to be tempted with alcohol to succeed.

2. Understand yourself.

Knowing oneself is very important. You will able to identify your weakness. List the things why you drink alcohol. Know the reasons behind. Through it you will able to learn on how to live a life in the absence of alcohol. Understanding of oneself is very important. A decision to quit drinking is never an easy thing to do for an alcohol addict. It has been a part of your system it is so hard to quit it.

3. Create a support system.

You will need people whom you can rely on whenever you are in need of help. This could be you family, a reliable friend, co-worker or somebody from the church. This people will help you feel comfortable and support you in whatever things you need to do. This can also be people who wanted to avoid drinking alcohol. In one way or another, you can help them while they help you. You can join a group who also suffers depression and emotional disorder. In such way, you can understand you situation and understand yourself better.

Never give up.

Giving up is only for those who have weak feeling to succeed that is why they lose hope.
Giving up is only for those who have weak feeling to succeed that is why they lose hope.

4. Stay active.

Whenever you are bored, you feel more depressed and anxious. When you are bored your mind will only focus to your problems, to the stressful things in your life. Try to go out and join the bicycling team in your town. Do some stress free activities that can help you fight against your boredom. Socialize with other people. You are not alone in this world. It is not you and only you. Encourage yourself to wake up early, go out for a jogging with a friend or with you family. You do not only fight against depression, it can also help your body.

5. Avoid temptation.

It does not necessarily mean not going to a party or not going to a bar or keeping away from your friends. It is a good idea to avoid places that may prompt you for another drinking session. If you feel like having a good time after work, then suggest going to a restaurant that do not offer alcoholic drinks or watch movies.

Identifying the “triggers” is very important. If you tried quitting in the past but failed to do it, then ask yourself what are the problems or reasons of your failure. Toxic habit may come from toxic people. Try explaining to your colleagues regarding your plan about quitting drinking alcohol. Explain to them the reasons why. If they insist and you struggle to reach your goal of quitting to drink alcohol, then stay away from them. It may sound rude, but it will be on your advantage.

AS much as possible avoid going to places where you think you will be tempted to drink.
AS much as possible avoid going to places where you think you will be tempted to drink.

6. Take care of yourself.

It is only you who can help yourself coping with depression. You cannot expect the world to change you. It is a long process. You must have strong courage and perseverance to change your life. Do not feel guilty or easily give up. It may cause too much trouble for you. Eat a healthy and balance diet. Avoid fats. Research shows that eating foods rich in omega-3 can help reduce the symptoms of depression. Regulate your blood sugar. Research shows that there is high correlation between sugar consumption and depression. Boost your energy by taking an exercise. A 15 minutes exercise has good effect in your holistic health. Take a good sleep. Improving your sleep hygiene can help reduce depression. Rest if necessary.

7. Be positive.

You can do it. I can do it! If you feel like everything is impossible. Think again. Having negative thoughts may only provide you ideas of quitting life. Change the way you think. Mind is very powerful. If you think you can, then do whatever it is that you can do. Being positive thinker can help you cope your stress and depression. It can make you feel powerful.

Live a happy and healthy life.

DO not deprive yourself, enjoy life.
DO not deprive yourself, enjoy life.

8. Reward yourself.

It is important to acknowledge the fruit of your success. It is nice to know that you are developing. It is also important not become so hard to yourself. Give yourself a break and a reward. If you feel like watching TV, then try to find a substitute for a wine. Try making healthy snacks with a fresh juice and joining your kids or family in the sofa.

Give yourself a short term goal. Divide your plans little by little and when you feel like achieving your shirt term goals, reward yourself for a while. Whenever you decide to cut alcohol intake gradually or completely delete it from your system, you may notice a number of differences. You can sleep better. You have higher energy. You are emotionally stable. In the long run you also help yourself avoid high blood pressure, heart diseases and other ailment connected in alcohol addiction.


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