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Overcoming Shyness And Building Self Confidence

Updated on May 7, 2013

There are 2 types of people in this world, the leaders and the followers. I'm going to make you into a leader by overcoming your shyness and developing your inner self.

Leaders need to have charisma to charm people around them. All you need to do to achieve this is to try be genuine. Don't fake being what your aren't and don't belittle others.

Most people with low confidence have trouble being a bubble personality. Try smiling a little and work up from there. Being ever so slightly positive can change the vibe of a room and make you stand out.

Set little goals for yourself that you need to achieve. This will help motivate you to achieve your larger goals. Encourage others around you, this will improve your social status.

Never let people push you around. You can help people out but don't let them wipe there feet on you. Be assertive and let them know where your draw the line. By letting people continuously have there way, you slowly kill off your self esteem.

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The first step in self confidence building is to wake up feeling like a new person. By gong to bed a little earlier, you can wake up very early and have time to find yourself before leaving for work. Take a step outside in the early morning for some fresh air and to see the sunrise. This has a uniquely calming effect on us for some reason. The natural sunlight stimulates the brain to wake up the body faster and the fresh air will help us to concentrate.

Make sure you eat breakfast before leaving. Missing breakfast can ruin you mood for the rest of the day. If you want to feel more confident, you need to work on small things on the inside.
Practice smiling whenever you can. Though most of us find it uncomfortable and annoying to smile at people. This simple gesture subconsciously elevates the mood of yourself and others.

Have posts of your immediate and future goals posted in places that you pass often. By doing this you will empower yourself to make little daily changes to make these plans happen. Move them around every now and again so that they are always in view.

Making use of self confidence articles is a great way to learn new techniques to benefit you in the future. Take a look at this article for detailed help and information:Self Confidence Building

Did you know that by shifting your perspective, you can dramatically increase your rate of success in life?

Imagine yourself as a success and all that it entails. Doing this is actually the first step towards achieving it. You have to have dreams in order to build a strategic plan. This will help you to decide what you want out of life.

Being on good terms with yourself is very important. Look deep inside and find out what you think needs to change and work to make yourself better. Don't dwell on the past as this cannot be changed. Attempt to fix any mistakes that you may have made and work on the future.

Your never truly alone with your problems. Think back to when you were younger, something would happen and you thought it was the end of the world. Now with life experience you know that everyone went through those experiences and it made you a stronger person because of it.

The best advice I can give you is to go out there and take an occasional risk. By doing something unexpected, you basically kick-start your brain to realize that it's methods need to be re-evaluated.

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