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Overcoming Thyroid Hair Loss When Dealing With Hypothyroidism

Updated on August 3, 2011

Many people who have hypothyroidism experience hair loss, and they understandably want to know what they can do to stop this from happening. The emotional consequences can be quite severe in many cases, and while this affects both men and women, it usually has a greater impact from an emotional standpoint on women. However, both men and women want to know what they can do to prevent thyroid hair loss, as well as restore the hair they have already lost.

In order to discover how to cure thyroid hair loss issues, it's important to know what can cause this problem in people with thyroid conditions. In most people who have a thyroid condition, hair loss is usually due to a hormone imbalance. There can also be other causes or contributing factors, but a hormone imbalance is usually the primary cause. It can be due to an imbalance in thyroid hormone itself, or an imbalance with one or more other hormones.

So with that being said, let's take a look at three different potential "solutions" to prevent or in some cases completely cure thyroid hair loss in people with hypothyroidism:

Thyroid Hair Loss Solution #1: Modify The Dosage Of Thyroid Hormone. Many people with hypothyroidism who are taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone can have their thyroid hair loss issues corrected simply by adjusting the dosage. If you are taking synthetic thyroid hormone, then your medical doctor might want to add T3 to help with this. It might take a few times of adjusting the dosage before you see a difference, but this frequently can correct the cause of thyroid hair loss.

Thyroid Hair Loss Solution #2: Correct The Underlying Hormone Balance. While adjusting the thyroid hormone you're taking can help, this obviously isn't completely curing the condition. Of course not everyone with hypothyroidism can have their condition cured, but many people can. For those who can have their thyroid health restored back to normal, following a natural thyroid treatment protocol will help cure the hair loss problem in most cases.

While thyroid hormone is frequently the hormone which is responsible for the hair loss, sometimes another hormone can be causing the hair loss. So this is why it's important to not only focus on the thyroid gland itself, but the endocrine system in general.

For example, the steroid hormones can play a role in hair loss for people who have a thyroid condition. An imbalance in estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone can be a factor, and this will need to be addressed not only to help someone with hair loss problems, but with other symptoms as well. This is true for those people with a hypothyroid condition that can be cured, as well as someone who has an incurable condition. As an example, someone who received thyroid surgery and needs to take thyroid hormone daily might also have an imbalance in one or more sex hormones which is causing their hair loss. So in this case, adjusting the dosage of thyroid hormone won't correct this problem.

How is such a hormone imbalance corrected? Well, it depends on the individual, as some people can follow a natural treatment protocol and get their hormone levels balanced this way. Those people with a severe hormone deficiency may need to take bioidentical hormones on a temporary basis to correct this problem. As a result, each person needs to be evaluated on a temporary basis.

Thyroid Hair Loss Solution #3: Take Nutritional Supplements. Certain nutritional supplements might be able to help with thyroid hair loss, although this usually won't provide a cure for the problem. The only exception is when someone has a nutritional deficiency which is responsible for the hair loss. For example, some studies show that people with a zinc deficiency are more likely to experience hair loss. This of course isn't necessarily linked to a thyroid condition, as even those people who don't have hypothyroidism may experience hair loss due to a zinc deficiency.

Besides taking zinc (if you do have a zinc deficiency) other supplements which might help with hair loss include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, L-lysine and L-arginine, and Evening Primose Oil. Once again, this doesn't always relate to thyroid health, and even if these supplements are effective in helping with hair loss, they most likely won't provide a permanent cure. But if thyroid hormone or another hormone imbalance has been ruled out as causing a thyroid hair loss problem, then you might want to consult with a holistic doctor about taking one or more of these supplements.

In summary, thyroid hair loss is usually caused by a hormone balance. Those taking thyroid hormone can frequently get this problem corrected by adjusting the dosage, while others can have their thyroid health restored through a natural treatment protocol, which should provide a permanent cure for this problem. Other people will have an imbalance of the steroid hormones that needs to be addressed. Your best bet is to consult with either your endocrinologist or medical doctor, or if you wish to take a holistic approach then a natural endocrine doctor will be your best bet to correct such a problem.

For more information on Natural Hypothyroid Treatment Methods, including a free 46-page guide entitled “6 Steps On How To Treat Your Thyroid Condition Naturally”, visit This guide contains 100% pure content, and is not a sales pitch for any product or services. In addition to receiving this free guide you'll also receive free natural thyroid health tips and updates on free natural thyroid health webinars.


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    • anidae profile image

      Anita Adams 

      7 years ago from Tennessee

      This is great information. I have hypothyroidism and have some hair loss but I believe mine is inherited from my mother and she never had a thyroid issue. I will try some of your suggestions though because I don't have anything to lose. I voted up and useful. I believe in natural remedies when possible.


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