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Overcoming the Battle of Addiction

Updated on May 11, 2014

About addiction

Addiction is prevalent worldwide. It is the most easy way to avoid reality. It is also a severe escape for many. Peer pressure can introduce one to becoming an addict once they get that first high. It is important to understand that you are in control of your own decisions. As a person who owns your brain you are responsible for your own actions. Following people who take chances is only going to lead you to taking the chances that they are. It is the "style" to get high... but you have to remember that if your friends get busted you may not be bailed out like them or they too may not be bailed out. So you might say that a week in jail is nothing. Well how about this: every time you give in to a drug you are being 100% controlled by it. You are submitting to a substance to make you feel better when you should be searching for ways on your own to make you feel better instead. Life is hard, reality sucks, but as individuals we are obligated to take care of ourselves. That is hard for many to do though because they were never taught how to care. So addiction is the way to cope. It is their way of dealing with life's hurt and the deep rooted pain they live with. They are suffering and need to feel some kind of relief. That is what most addicts are aiming for when they choose to get high. Addiction comes in different forms though. I once had a serious case of bulemia.

What all causes addiction?

Not all addiction is drug related. Placing your health in the hands of a drug is self destructive though. It is your weakness. When you succumb to what drugs have to offer you allow your body to become 100% dependent on that drug's side effects. Addicts are always looking for a fix. They want that feeling that they get when they are high in order to forget about the issues or pain they have when they are sober.

Peer pressure can lead to addiction

Sobriety is not even the style these days. Many celebs are always going to rehab like it's a fad. The reason for this is because they are always on drugs. People think the celebrities are making the right choices because they are in the spot light, but in reality they are leading people to a dark place. You want be accepted though right? Well you are not alone in that department, but you must know that even if you choose to follow what addicts are pressuring you into doing that you are not really accepted by them at that point. You are only pleasing them. They do not truly accept who you are so why try? But everybody else is doing it? So what. Be yourself anyway. Copying them is only going to put you in the position where you are taking chances like them. Why risk it? Just to be accepted? No. Although this is the case with many people out there, I still say no. It is the people who stand up for what they believe in that are the leaders of this world. It is the copycats that are constantly following ones who they deem as being important to society. This is where the world is really confused. People should do what they feel is right for them and not what others think they should do. In order to become clean one must be prepared to lead their self. This all begins with the desire to care about their future. You have to care to stop being self destructive, therefore, you have to develop the desire within before you can let yourself care about yourself. Later you will start to feel less compelled to use a harmful substance once you are aware that you care for yourself. People like to have fun and escape but what they do not realize is that one time of getting high can hook them for life. Is it really worth chancing? There are cases where people are drugged against their will, I know, I had it happen to me twice by two different creeps. I had to fight the urge to want to get high after those two different occurences, and believe me it was very hard to do.

The many ways of addiction and freedom from it

Addiction is a powerful existence that many are living with as we speak. The way that addiction takes over the mind and body is almost like having a person control you. In fact, just think of addiction as a person. You as an individual are either a submissive or dominant personality. This chooses how you live your life because either you are in control or you are not. Addicts tend to be submissive more than dominant when it comes to their health. Why? Because they are choosing to let the addiction inflict their health. Perhaps it is all for an occasional escape right? Wrong. Addicts are generally addicted to something harmful because they are using it to self-medicate. This is proven on a regular basis due to shows on television like, "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," "Intervention," etc. In these programs the addicts always have some inner pain that they reveal in order to make the step to recovery. The fact is that many addicts do not want to face their inner pain and this makes it easy to want to escape at that point. Unfortunately though, the escape is only making them worse because they choose to bury their pain instead of deal with it in a healthy way. Sure, going out and experimenting with party people is a normal thing to do these days but when people get hooked they tend to lean towards self-medicating if they have experienced certain trauma or dysfunction that they cannot cope with sober. In addition, addiction comes in many forms. It is not always about drug or substance abuse. Some addictions are the simple things in life. I once had an eating disorder that is known as bulimia. This is a form of addiction because bulimia is a process of binging and purging. The rush your body gets when you binge and purge creates an addiction problem. I was lucky that I conquered mine, but there are many who are living in a world of misery because they are not able to conquer theirs. I feel for those people. Addiction kills. Period. I learned that wanting to take care of myself created the desire for me to want to leave my addiction. It was not easy to do and I endured heavy physical exertion from the process. However, once I chose to rid myself of the challenge that was killing me, I was one step closer to being free.

So how do you really win the battle against addiction?

The only real way to X out Addiction is to fight it. Fight the peer pressure. Fight the urge. Fight the inner pain. Fight the hurt and anguish. Fight the bad childhood memories. Fight the daily drama repercussions. Fight the feeling of wanting to escape. Fight the bad company that entices you. You really have to be a fighter to conquer any addiction. It is the weak that never get clean. It is the strong that do. But getting clean is only the first step to winning the addiction fight. The other step is ongoing and this step is to make the choice to stay clean.

I hope any addicts out there will be inspired to get better after reading my blog.


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