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Overeating: the Number One Sign of Inadequate Nutrition

Updated on July 27, 2016

Obesity is not Overnutrition

Obesity is one of the leading health problem that leads to different chronic and deadly diseases. Some examples of medical conditions that are associated to obesity are Diabetes, High Bad Cholesterol Level, High Blood Pleasure, Osteoarthritis, Cerebrovascular Disease, and Heart Failure - worst case is: a single individual can have them all and nobody wants that to happen.

Most of us believe that people that weighs above normal are those who consume more nutrients than normal. We think that nutrient intake is directly proportional with our body size - this mindset is perfectly wrong. The fact is: obese people are people who does not meet the minimum nutrient intake needed by the body. This is my explanation: We all know that the basic unit of life is called a "cell" and if this cell will not get adequate nutrient supply from what we eat, this cell will send signals to the brain saying: "Hey brain, I did not get enough Vitamin B here." As a result, the brain will respond to every complain he gets and in this scenario, the brain will then command the Digestive System saying: "Hi there, Digestive System, I need you to be hungry and consume more because we lack something here." The Digestive system will then become hungry and to satisfy that hunger, It will eat more attempting to respond to what the brain commanded. These over-consumption of food will now result to weight gain. Excess food will now be stored in different parts of the body in a form of fat and if this will happen as always, a person will become obese.

If you will analyze the scenario above, you can now conclude that indeed, the cause of obesity is still under-nutrition. Consumption of less essential micro-nutrients will result in either underweight or overweight.

You might as well ask yourself: is there anything like the term "Over-nutrition"? The answer is "yes" and these term is considered as Nutrient Toxicity such as "Vitamin A Toxicity" and "Iron Toxicity". These are two of the leading causes of death among infants caused by over-nutrition.

Tips: Take nutritional supplements that has all of the nutrients needed by the body. Always tell yourself that food is never enough. Keep track of your Body Mass Index which gauges the relationship between your weight and your height.

We can only perform at our best when our health is also at its best.


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