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Overlooked Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Updated on May 14, 2014

Maybe you have swung a golf club with too much enthusiasm, lifted something too heavy for you or you are dealing with a degenerative condition such as arthritis. Whatever the case, your back is now “out”, and you are struggling to find something that will put an end to this agony. In addition to the standard lower back pain cures, there are a number of home remedies for lower back pain overlooked by most people out there.

Take heart. There is a solution to every problem, even lower back pain. Almost every single one of us suffers from this condition from time to time. Thousands of patients have tried countless home remedies for this condition over the course of years. While some have proved to be useless, others were quite amazing. Some of the most overlooked home remedies for lower back pain are:

1. Yoga

According to a study recently published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine”, people who practice yoga on a regular basis are 40% less prone to lower back pain than those who have never practiced this discipline at home. Together with stretching exercises, yoga can work wonders for your back.

2. Chill your Back

According to E. Anne Reicherter, PhD and associate professor of Physical Therapy at the well famed University of Maryland, ice is the single best remedy for back pain after an injury, because it reduces inflammation. Apply an ice pack to the affected area within 24 hours of a serious injury and you will reduce the sensation of discomfort to a minimum.

3. Sleep More

Back pain is one of the leading causes of insomnia. More than half of all patients who suffer from chronic back pain suffer from at least one sleep disorder. The paradox is that inadequate sleep can worsen this situation. In order to break this vicious sleep cycle, try anything from relaxation techniques or psychological tips to cutting down on caffeine or eating correct foods.

4. Massage

Weekly massages performed at home can dramatically decrease the risk of lower back pain problems. If the pain is muscle-related, you should definitely ask for a friend or a professional to give you a massage.

5. Wear low Heels

Try to move from those four-inch pumps to low heels or flats. High heels are known to create a very unstable pressure on the lower spine, leading to immense pain in the long run. You can wear high heels only when you attend an event or go to a party, but do not over-use them – the consequences can be devastating for your lower spine.

6. Watch Your Posture

If you get stuck sitting for a longer period of time at the office, try rolling up a sweater with the same circumference as your forearm. Slid it between the seat and your lower back in order to alleviate the pain. Also, remember that most seats in cars do not offer proper support for your lower back, so buy a small cushion and place it so you can lean at an angle of at least 110 degrees.


Even if these home remedies for lower back pain are overlooked by many patients, they can help you avoid a lot of pain or complications. Make the most out of these remedies and you will be able to enjoy a lower back pain-free life.

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