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Buy Oversized Coffins & Caskets for Larger People

Updated on May 3, 2018

Buy Oversized coffins for the bigger person.

Plus size coffins or caskets are for sale for those people whom in life were larger than others. Their passing away should be held with dignity and respect.

A larger coffin selection is available to purchase for those people whose presence on Earth has ended, and their eternal life is only just beginning.

Tentative care and excellent craftsmen will ensure a large casket is made to personal specifications and requirements.

A huge selection of affordable, as well as luxury burial caskets, manufactured in alternative eco-friendly materials, are available to ease the passage of a loved one.

As obesity is a growing concern for most nations, adapting to the requirements of large people is a sensitive issue.

Goliath Caskets


Goliath Caskets only produce plus caskets for tall or plus size people. With a trade history of over 25 years, their reputation is insurmountable.

Catering for the need of larger clients with exceptionally high quality burial caskets. Made to measure coffins are designed to accommodate up to extra extra large sizes.

Using gauge 20 steel fabrication to ensure a dignified funeral, Goliath Caskets offer a variety of finishes with many head panel options for sale.

The extra length, width, and depth combined with a very strong structure ensures dignity and pride at any funeral.

To order or inquire about an large sized coffin or casket, contact a local funeral director whom will in turn contact Goliath Caskets.

Based in East Lynn, IN, they deliver to all parts of the USA and will even export upon request.

Casket Gallery


Casket Gallery provides over sized caskets produced by skilled technicians at low cost. The big caskets for sale include alternative finishes and interiors to suit all budgets and requirements.

Gasket sealing and an integrated lock provide a dignified and private burial. Obese clients relatives can choose from a selection of finishes including copper, pink, or traditional solid black.

The internal is lavishly decorated with colored crepe. Alternate coloring for male and female clients, the Casket Gallery wishes to ensure personal touches on such a sad occasion.

Funeral directors will assist those left behind with obtaining the correct measurements required to ensure a comfortable fit.

Call toll free on 1-888-782-2753 for all inquiries and buy with confidence.

Complications for Larger Burials

With over 35% of Americans classed as fat or obese, consumer watchdogs predict that by 2030, 50% of the USA will have obesity problems.

Funerals for larger people come with an array of complications which require planning to ensure dignity is kept.


Most graveyards are equipped to allow plots for 'average sized' people. The average sized single plot is 3 feet wide by 8 feet in length.

Many cemeteries require large clients to obtain two single plots side by side. Some are now registering plots 4 feet x 10 feet to accommodate the growing number of plus sized caskets.

Casket Size

Standard sizes of caskets have risen from 24 inches to 27 inches in width. Goliath Caskets have created a 52 inch wide casket for very large people.

Some of these caskets will not fit in crematoriums chambers and special procedures will have to be implicated.

Double Grave Plots For Sale
Double Grave Plots For Sale


Funeral parlors have to consider adding a larger hearse to their fleet. The chassis needs to be strengthened as well as having a larger interior.

If the chosen funeral home cannot supply this, then another solution has to be found. A horse and carriage in some cases may provide the alternative transport required.

Lifting Equipment

Depending on the weight of the deceased and the casket combined, specialized lifting equipment may be required.

Many funeral homes have adapted the use of customized trollies to move the casket from place to place.

Heath and safety regulations along with the current culture of suing for work injury may result in heavier clients being refused certain services.

Cemetery Equipment

The cemetery is seldom equipped to transport an over sized coffin or casket to the graveside. The rental of a crane may be required to transport the casket from the hearse to the burial plot.

The crane would also be used to lower the casket to its final resting place.

Cemeteries thin aisles may be cumbersome for the maneuverability of mechanized transport and special permissions maybe required.

Alternatively, a more easily accessible burial plot could be selected to allow space for the crane or winch system.

Standard Burial Costs
Standard Burial Costs


The alarming increase in burial costs may give way to funeral homes charging astonishing rates for oversized clients.

Inclusive of lifting equipment, 2 single burial plots, and specialist transportation, one funeral home charged $20,000 for a single burial.

The specially designed and constructed caskets can cost almost twice as much as standard coffin, depending on the size and chosen finish

With costs rising at every step of a funeral, it is easy to see why the burring of an obese person would cost relatively more than a standard burial.

Although thrifty priced caskets and funerals and not common, being careful can help reduce the cost of a burial.


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