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Overweight And Under Paid | Women In The Workplace

Updated on July 3, 2015

A Research Study By Jennifer Shinall

Its not new information that women get paid less than men in the workplace, there are many studies to show that is the case.

What may be less apparent is that women who are overweight are in an even worse situation when it comes to earning better wages.

A recent study by Jennifer Shinall concluded that women women who were obese, end up with almost $9000 less a year than women who were similar in almost every single way except for their weight.

While women who are overweight tend to have lower salaries than men, the difference is much more significant for women who are obese. The case reported that the women who are the heaviest could bring home as much as $19,000 less annually.

Jennifer Shinall, the researcher, was surprised at how little was actually required to qualify a woman to be given a smaller paycheck. Being overweight by as little as 13 pounds was enough to make the difference and place women in the place to get discriminated against.

Most dietitians and health specialists agree that the last ten pounds to get someone in the optimum shape are usually the hardest pounds to take off. Imagine 10 pounds was the deciding factor that kept you away from an extra $10,000 a year in income.

This paints a good picture of how a woman's shape is taken into consideration on so many levels, even when it is not supposed to be. I believe it happens at a more subconscious level most of the time.

Be it biases or whatever, many bosses may form the opinion that women who are overweight may not be able to contribute as much to the organization regardless of their actual ability to accomplish the task, women who are heavier and not only stiffed on a paycheck, they are also hire and promoted less.

Even though some may say that this is not a wage issue but more of a gender issue, the issues go hand in hand. While it may be true that men who are overweight earn less than their Skinner co-workers, the gap in earning potential is not nearly as dramatic.

In fact, moderately overweight women were still able to earn less that significantly obese men. It looks like men are just not judges as harshly for having a big belly like women are.

This begs the question – do women who are extremely slender earn a bigger salary due to their smaller frames? The study took this variable into consideration and concluded that the women who were the skinniest make a whopping $22,000 more average weight women.

And a total of $40,000 more than the women who were the heaviest. If you thin about it, business are regarding women for conforming to the standards of beauty that have been ingrained into us by the media

That same financial difference was not found for men who were underweight. This may very well reflect the fact that society doesn't consider being being super thing and ideal for men to aspire to.

One more interesting observation the study uncovered was that women who are overweight don't shun work that requires physical exertion. While some people may assume that women aren't paid as much because they cant do tasks that are strenuous, the reality is that the heavier woman is more likely to do these physically demanding tasks.

Considering the fact hat women are still lobbying for equal pay, paying more attention to the discrimination in the size of women may be a noteworthy factor to consider.


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