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Overweight? Consistency is Key

Updated on February 12, 2011

Overweight is a term used to say that a person has more body fat than is necessary for the functioning of the body. 

Being overweight is very common among people today, especially in the Western world, and the United States and other developed nations, where the food of poor nutritional quality is abundant and accessible, and the exercise is not a habit that is practiced commonly . 

Recent studies have revealed that almost more than 3 in 5 adults in the United States are overweight. 

For the body is healthy, it requires a certain percentage of body fat, being between 20% and 25% in women, and between 15% and 20% in men, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the hormonal system , immune, and reproductive systems, other than serving as an alternate energy source for the body. 

However, due to factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, genetic factors and the body can store more fat than necessary creating a situation of overweight, which can only be contraarrestada effectively and safely keep a lifestyle which takes a proper diet, exercise and an active lifestyle and healthy. 

Consistency is key to fighting overweight, as this is the key that defines the success or failure of your extra effort: 

1. Meals of 
One of the most important things you can do about your overall health is to maintain good levels of blood sugar. When you eat a bagel and a cafe for breakfast and then nothing until lunch time what you are doing is to shoot your blood glucose levels and then make them decay quickly and not being able to regrade to lunch. 

If you eat small meals consistently and equitably distributed every 2 or 3 times during the day will not have this problem with the sugar, your blood glucose levels will be stable and avoid becoming overweight that entails. 

2. Portions consistent 
If you strive to eat foods with 200-400 calories each 4 to 6 times a day then this will go hand in hand with the previous point, as this will help you not feel bloated or too full, then have much hungry after a while. 

Obviously some of the meals and dinner will be somewhat larger than the other ds, but still constantly eating small meals will make you feel much better and will help to combat excess weight and achieve a more healthy and fast weight loss. 

3. Consistent exercise 
I know some people who do a lot of the weekend and then not exercising at all during the week that follows. This can be dangerous for your body because your body is not exercising consistently and can be damaging to the muscles and tendons in your body, which can lead you to suffer injuries that will do will stop you in your efforts to combat overweight. 

It is better to have several short workouts in the morning and evening throughout the week. 

4. Consistent break 
Rest is very important to your well-being as well as for the recovery of your muscles after exercise. Remember daily stretching and rest for a minimum of 7 to 9 hours each day. If you have difficulty obtaining this amount of sleep each day then try to sleep 6-7 hours each day and during the day to take a nap for 30 minutes or 1.5 hours, as these are the optimum times to take a nap (specifically those, not less, not more) and is scientifically proven that it is better to sleep 7 hours and a nap in the day that the full 8 hours sleep at night. 

Not only help you to continue with your daily schedule, but that will make you feel more rested and more energetic throughout the day. 

Remember, consistency is the key most imporant against overweight, so be disciplined in everything you do and you will see the fruits of this much faster than you think.


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