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Child Obesity

Updated on October 7, 2014

How could it hurt our future?

There is many reasons why it could hurt our future and i will name a few in this article. But first I have a few questions to get you thinking. Do you know a overweight child? Do you know a child who has terrible eating habits? Think about this Obese kids are a risk of many long-term health effects like Heart Disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis. Now if you went back 200 years ago how many obese kids would you see? Not very many right? Just think there really was less bad health problems back then and i believe that its because people weren't so overweight and unhealthy. Really is it the kids fault? Yes and no. Yes because they are the ones hurting themselves and they are the ones that are not trying to fight it and no because its more the parents fault. Reason being is because the parents did not teach them good habits and allowed these Xbox machines and other things in the house. I have heard parents say that oh a little TV and Video games never hurt anyone. Well i would disagree because LOOK AT YOUR KID! I know you want him to be like everyone else and everything but save you kid from many bad things! I know your kid cant survive without TV and all his technology. But wait im here to tell you he can and you can get rid of those things! I am 18 years old and i have never had a TV or a video game console and I am just fine with that! Yes i have watched TV and played video games but really not very much! I hate video games and TV. Im not saying you need to hate your TV but put a stop to your kids being couch potatoes and get them active. Go be active with them. Here are some negative side effects of video games, Some video games teach kids the wrong values, Games can confuse reality and fantasy, the more time a kid spends playing video games, the poorer is his performance in school, When playing online, your kid can pick up bad language and behavior from other people, and may make your kid vulnerable to online dangers, And in many games, kids are rewarded for being more violent. I have witnessed many cases of people thinking stuff is so much better then it really is and people thinking they are so much smarter then they actually are just from playing video games. Video games can confuse reality and fantasy, I was at Fort Benning, Georgia this last summer for Basic Combat Training and there was one kid who was going to get honor graduate and be a Green Beret and then go Navy Seals and be the Biggest war Hero of all time because he knew how to fight and killing didn't effect him because he played battlefield and Grand theft auto so he was used to it. It was the 2nd day of Reception when he told me this. We were still 1 and a half weeks away from being at Basic. Let me tell you he made it to the 4th day and his career was over- He committed suicide. Was it his fault? Yes and no. Yes because he was the one that let himself believe he was so great because he could beat everyone in video games and no because his parents should have limited his playing time and taught him better morals. Yes he was obese. All of his problems started from being obese. If his parents would have taught him better and if he would have skipped the video games and went outside and was active he would have been alright. Parents this is GOING OUT TO YOU watch what your kids do and make sure they stay active! If we keep letting our future get obese we will be hurting very bad soon! You might say well if your so worried go do something about it. Well i am. Right now im trying to get you to help your kids and I am also in school to get my Personal Trainers Certificate to help Child obesity. If your kid snores and is obese He may have sleep apnea. Children often tease or bully their overweight peers, who suffer a loss of self-esteem and an increased risk of depression as a result.Overweight children tend to have more anxiety and poorer social skills than normal-weight children have. At one extreme, these problems may lead overweight children to act out and disrupt their classrooms. At the other, they may cause overweight children to socially withdraw. Low self-esteem can create overwhelming feelings of hopelessness in some overweight children. When children lose hope that their lives will improve, they may become depressed. A depressed child may lose interest in normal activities, sleep more than usual or cry a lot. Some depressed children hide their sadness and appear emotionally flat instead. Either way, depression is as serious in children as in adults. I am sorry if this article offends anyone. The point of this article is to get people to realize how serious it is. There are so many excuses parents put out to defend there kids and its really not helping them. As a parent you are there to guide and help them right? So do not hurt them. teach them the right ways of living and if you don't know how to live healthy you both should learn together.

Whos fault?

Whos fault is it?

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This is now. This the future. So sad.
This is now. This the future. So sad.

Look at the picture above. what do you see?

Have you seen kids like this? I have! They are everywhere! No they are not just big boned! To be honest and straight up they are FAT! There is no way going around that. What do you see? I see fat children that should not be fat! I have heard parents say i just want my child to be happy. well can your child really be the happiest when he is overweight? No I dont think so. 1 thing i see in the picture above is something that almost all parents get there children fat filled fast food. Start helping your child by avoiding fast food places.

What would you eat? I hope the right side.

This is a very awesome! Watch it all! listen closely


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    • profile image

      Janice Horner 

      4 years ago

      What a brilliant article. I did something similar about educating kids on healthy eating. I loved your direct approach, and I hope some of your advice will be taken on board.

    • Bruce Haataja profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Haataja 

      4 years ago from Menahga, MN

      Yes it is very sad. Some times i think parents are starting not to care so much about their kids and more about themselves. The role models that kids have now days are pretty bad for the most part and that is also pretty sad. I think the reason for that is parents don't teach their kids the right morals and teach them what is really important.

    • Sara Krentz profile image

      Sara Krentz 

      4 years ago from USA

      So sad that this really is a problem. Kids need good role models who help them make smart decisions about diet and exercise.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The points you make in here are pretty good and it makes sense. I think this article is a great eye opener.


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