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OxyDHQ for cellular oxygenation

Updated on September 5, 2015


Why our cells need oxygen

Every day exposure to carcinogens & toxins, which are part of the every day environment we live in, results in the accumulation of these toxins in our bodies. Over the course of our lives, depending on our awareness of this & the lifestyle we choose to lead, this build up can result in the deterioration of our immune system & damage to cells, which are of course the make-up of our entire form. When cells start to become damaged they are being starved of oxygen & cells need oxygen in order to be able to function correctly. When the oxygen level in & around a cell drops, so does the cell's ability to keep healthy & it becomes weaker, so to speak, untill it's respiration mechanism ceases to function in a 'normal' manner. This is, in very simple terms, how cancer can begin to take a hold on our cells & as the surrounding cells then become affected, how it can then spread.

So, to keep our cells healthy we need to make sure they get plenty of oxygen. Cells living in a highly oxygenated environment have the ability to repair & maintain themselves, keeping the body not only looking good but at a low risk of contracting illness & disease. Remember; apart from the benefits internally where our organs will function more effectively, our skin is also made up of cells & by enhancing their ability to function & repair themselves we will look younger & revitalised on the outside too!

8 Angles of Attack To Beat Cancer Successfully


Increasing Cellular Oxygen levels is an effective method of killing cancer cells & is one of the '8 Angles of Attack' we should aim to cover in alternative cancer treatment.

Oxygenation Theory & Cancer

It is now, due to mainly to the work of 1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Otto Heinrich Warburg, for his discovery that Cancer cells are anaerobic, widely recognised that oxygen is a proven cancer killer. Cancer cells are killed by oxygen where as healthy cells thrive on it!

Not only this, Warburg, states, "the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements." While there are so many reasons, or secondary contributory causes for a person to be diagnosed with cancer, the primary cause, Warburg, makes most clear & is "the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation."

Healthy, correctly functioning cells are aerobic, in other words they burn oxygen in order to produce energy. Cancer cells on the other hand are anaerobic, utilising mainly glucose in their fermentation process & can’t survive in highly oxygenated conditions. When in an oxygen deprived environment they will thrive & spread like wild fire! They help create their ideal environment by excreting lactic acid, a by product of their fermentation process, which is toxic & goes on to interfere with the transportation of oxygen to surrounding cells.

Effective Methods For Delivering Oxygen Into Cancer Cells

An effective method for delivering oxygen to cells is by taking OxyDHQ. Normal oxygen supplements are not able to penetrate the thick coating which forms around a cancer cell, no-one knows exactly how the microbe in a cancer cell actually creates this coating, one of its main purposes is probably to keep oxygen out. Proteolytic or pancreatic enzymes can, however, break through this protein coating & OxyDHQ contains these enzymes necessary to cut through into the cell where the oxygen is then released, right where it is needed.

If your reason for considering OxyDHQ is due to it’s cancer fighting properties, you may want to take it along with Liguid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & PH Balancer. Together these three products form the Dynamic Trio & attack cancer from 3 angles, while at the same time enhancing each others performance, which is why they continue to become so widely recognised as a top combo. for cancer among those seeking alternative or natural treatment options.

Liquid Zeolite is a top product for detoxification, as due to it’s chelating properties it is perhaps the best product choice for removing heavy metals, toxins & foreign elements from the body on the market.

pH Balancer, clearly covers the pH angle, neutralising the bodies pH levels & as cancer can only thrive in a highly acidic environment this cellular alkalisation is essential in breaking down the structures formed by the cancer within the body.

These products can result in a cancer patient feeling an improvement very quickly & at the very least they will be slowing the rate at which the cancer is spreading. If the size of the tumour is still increasing, though, then the dosage needs to be increased & perhaps used in conjunction with some other cancer fighting supplements.

Of course, one must consider carefully the foods which they choose to eat, as whatever we put in our body is not only feeding our healthy cells but is either feeding & assisting the growth of the cancer or starving & attacking it.

Please note that if there has not been significant dietary & lifestyle improvements, although these products will help slow down the cancers growth rate, nothing will ever cure it. The battle against cancer was never meant to be an easy one & in many cases total reassessment of one's lifestyle choices & attitude towards healing & health is necessary.

Sometimes it is important to consider carefully which choices we may have made that played a part in the formation of cancer in the first place. (Prolonged, intense stress is a more common contributory factor than one may have thought.) This is an important point to remember for anyone attempting to rid themselves of any serious illness.

How To Take Oxy DHQ & How to Get Hold Of It

Please see the link below for further details on OxyDHQ & The Dynamic Trio, including dosage requirements & where to purchase.

An Important Note about Dis-ease!

"Everything is for a reason, there is always a lesson to learn. Every individual has their 'individual' reason for becoming sick. When this is recognised & any issues resolved, health will inevitably return. The Law of Free Will means that every person has the 'choice' to make the necessary changes in their life for the renewal of their health, it is 'their' choice in the end & refusal to recognise this is a choice in itself"


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    • keepitnatural profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Yes, unfortunately I am also guilty of being a smoker & am just about to do a course of hydrogen peroxide to improve my cellular oxygen levels!

      This, for me, is also a cancer prevention method as well as a way of improving my all-round health. (I'd love to do a course of the Oxy DHQ but unfortunately it's a little out of my price range)! My Dad takes it though for cancer, as part of the Dynamic Trio as he has noticed significant improvement with the usage of these products.

      Thanks for the comment, tsmog!

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      7 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Very informative , , didn't know the usefullness with cancer until now , , I've read about it a little recently, more so from the reverse perspective of the lack of oxygenation as a by product of smoking , , ,thank you , , ,


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