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Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Updated on May 2, 2011

Why a Oxygen Colon Cleanse is the best option.

When choosing to do a colon cleanse there are many products to choose from which can remove unwanted waste from your colon. Most colon cleansers have herbs in them which are great for the body but using oxygen has greater benefits for your body.

Taking oxygen as a body cleanser will not only remove waste and toxins from the body but will also help your friendly bacteria to flourish. By taking regular herbal cleanses they will not help your friendly bacteria to thrive and probiotics must be taken with these herbal cleanses.

When oxygen is released in the body it also purifies other organs such as the liver,heart and lungs and will flush out the nasties that may be in the body such as parasites.A Oxygen colon cleanse is also much better as parasites can not live in an oxygen environment and are flushed out of the body.

When choosing the right oxygen colon cleanse make sure you closely check the ingredients. It is best to check how much oxygen in the product, you will want a product with a quite a large amount of oxygen to benefit from this cleanse.

How does oxygen colon cleansing work?

When on a oxygen colon cleanse you can buy it in powder of liquid form. Once it is released into the body, fecal matter is turned into a liquid and sometimes to gas. This process makes it easier to expel all unwanted waste from the body.

It is also 100% safe and is a more gentle process for your colon as other methods of colon cleansing can actually damage other organs of the body.

How do you know when the oxygen colon cleanse is working?

Always follow the instructions when starting on a oxygen colon cleanse. You may want to start of with the minimum dose and work your way up. If you are not getting many bowel movements you may want to increase the dose until you feel that the waste is being removed. Everyone's body is different and depending on how much waste you have in your colon many individuals may need a larger dose.

You will feel a lot lighter and more energetic when this cleanse is complete. The oxygen will also feed your body with beneficial good bacteria and enzymes to help strengthen your immune system.

If you have never done a colon cleanse before and are looking for a safe way to remove waste from the colon, you may want to try a oxygen colon cleanse.

The importance of oxygen in the body.

Oxygen in the body is very important to prevent serious illness and disease such as cancer.Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen environment. When the body becomes too acidic, this is when it can be dangerous and illness may occur.

The best way to find out your ph level is to use litmus paper test strips. A reading of 5.5 - 7 means your body is acidic and 7.4 - 9 means your body is alkaline. It is best to get a reading of 7.5 which takes you out of the danger zone.

You can test your saliva or urine to find out your ph level. There are many ways to make your body alkaline such as taking minerals such as magnesium,potassium and most importantly oxygen.

Litmus Paper.
Litmus Paper.


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