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Oxygen & Divine Intervention

Updated on June 19, 2013

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

The Trees of Life within and Outside of us
The Trees of Life within and Outside of us | Source

Health, Oxygen, & Divine Intervention

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

Not only do our bodies need healing, but so do our minds. Some of the greatest thinkers of all time like Sigmund Freud and Hippocrates were teachers of philosphy and psychology and the profound effects of meditation and prayers to whatever higher power or divine intervention they believed in.

Different cultures have different religious belief systems however; it does not deny that through meditation that a higher power is our intermediary. It is this intermediary that looks after our overall health when we communicate through meditation or prayer.

It also shows how we actually look at ourselves and how we view the processes and those processes are undeniable.

A suggested look into Visual Intervention

I am going to visualize all the dendrites (trees) in my body and immune system create an electrical current through my white blood cells to attack any defective cells in my body and sweep out the abnormalities that are impeding my health. I want it to flow through my bloodstream without any interruptions so that all parts of my bone, organs and blood become nourished with all the good cells. From Brain to Bloodstream the LIQUID FLUIDCY of it to rejuvenate my psyche, then my bones, muscles and every organ. Dopamine will flow and my adrenal gland and pancreas will produce the needed insulin and cells to give my muscles better function. (Meagan, F. (2009) Natural Health). All the proper chemicals to give my body better functional elements. The burst of neurons and photons spinning, churning, and moving in an adrenaline rush through my adrenal glands that produces nutrients and metabolizes into all parts of my body and bones. My brain can communicate it and produce the substances needed to bring my body into optimum health.

Our cellular structure is like our very own Eco-system just like everything outside of us, and everything around us. Propelled by the laws of motion at a speed of 225 miles per hour in our bloodstream inner space its electromagnetic field, my Eco-system where there is no end, and there is a means for illness not to survive. A cascade of WATER, OXYGEN, CARBON, HYDROGEN AND NITROGEN to move through my body and clear my mind and body of any abnormalities, and exit out of my body. It has a parallel universe outside of my body and internally and externally to go to.


In itself it has strings of intelligence and is nowhere yet everywhere. Therefore I know I will HEAL.

We have guardians who want us to exercise the right choices in our lives who intercede on our behalf. Like those who unconditionally give life and limb for us to be free. I believe they intercede for us in this realm on a spiritual level with our intermediary, the divine interceder, our higher power.

To the elements and the four winds, I ask through prayer my higher power for a resolution.

Those who sacrificed and live today include all have inspired me and those who are living in this physical world inspire me. I take this quote for its word.,“All dreams are possible and nothing is impossible our dreams hold many possibilities.” I appreciate the guidance and beautiful thoughts and words of encouragement.

To a Better Mind, Body, and Soul. I quote; Yoga Vasishtba’s, writing in the book, Quantum Healing p. 180, “In every atom there are worlds within worlds.”

Simply put these organisms are not meant to survive or be in our bodies, it is not what we were meant to be or what was meant to be by our higher power.

Ours is Unity in Nature

Since Disease is an outside organism. It is not of our inner body and not of our inner world. We can dispose of it. It has its own world to go to.

As to the human body, so is the cosmic body

As to the Mind, so is the cosmic mind

As to the Microsym, so is the macrosym.

Therefore, I request its release outside of my body.


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