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Oxygen, E-Cells, Dentrites and our electromagnetic bodies

Updated on March 22, 2014

Oxygen, E-cells, Dendrites, and our electromagnetic bodies

Oxygen, Nuerons, and Food
Oxygen, Nuerons, and Food | Source

Oxygen, E-Cells, Dentrites, and Our Electromagnetic Bodies

Oxygen, E-Cells, T-Cells, Dendrites, and Our Electromagnetic Bodies

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells some of these cells are called E-cells they are the cells that are energized by neurons in our bodies that flex our muscles. There are other cells also that are micro cells called dendrites that are at the center of the molecules.

Dendrites are micro-cells within a cell that are shaped like a tree; some may even relate this living cell tree to the tree of life within our bodies. Imagine billions of cells within a cell shaped like a tree activated by neurons in our bodies to heal, send Oxygen, anti-bodies, move our bodies, and create billions of actions simultaneously. Each cell has its own instructions.

Our bodies are electrically charged atoms that go into overdrive when they are activated by neurons in our bodies the impulses that move electrically to our brains and move from one area to another in our bodies.

The electromagnetic field in our bodies is within the cells and outside our cells. What a wonderful intricate and profound engineering that we are. It is as electric and flowing cycle as the liquid that flows through us has no end and goes on endlessly as we live and breathe.

The cells or molecules in our bodies are electrified and engaged when we respond or react to different circumstances like touch, smelling, reacting, responding, hearing, and seeing.

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