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Oxygen in different forms

Updated on October 11, 2015

Oxygen in different forms

Oxygen comes in a variety of different forms and can be chemically mixed to create an oxygen aerosol or liquid. For example, Hydrogen Peroxide rinse liquid can form oxygen bubbles in your mouth that can be rinsed and used as a mouthwash. So you can literally create oxygen bubbles while brushing your teeth every morning, and the chemical reactions in your mouth with hydrogen peroxide form bubbles that release oxygen in your mouth when mixed with saliva.

Another form of ozygen that is available is liquid oxygen that is available through vitamin and health food suppliers, although it is a little expensive it is worth the cost in the long run. This liquid could be put under the tongue (drops) and they form an oxygen mist.

Finally, the most common known form of ozygen,is a oxygen tank like those your dentist uses to put you to sleep and keep you on oxygen, however there are commercial tanks available to the public with medical approval.

There are also foods that promote oxygen in the body this article will be publicized later this week in this series of Oxygen as an alternative medicine.

by Aida Garcia

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Oxygen oh Oxygen

Oxygen oh Oxygen
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