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Ozonated Olive Oil For Skin Infections

Updated on February 15, 2016

Olive oil is a natural source of vitamin-E and healthy fats


The health and beauty benefits of olive oil have been known to us from centuries. This golden colored liquid is obtained from fruit of the shrub Olea europea. It has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), vitamin-E, and other healthy fats. Ozone is an unstable gas made of three units or atoms of Oxygen, hence symbolized as O3. It is highly reactive, and disintegrates rapidly into oxygen (O2) and singlet oxygen species (O). In nature, the ozone layer in the atmosphere forms a blanket around the earth, and prevents the harmful ultra violet radiation from reaching the ground. Without this layer, life on our planet would have been impossible.

What is ozonized or ozonated olive oil ?

This is a beauty elixir prepared after an extensive biochemical process in which Ozone gas is injected under pressure or bubbled through cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil in a cold plasma generator, for a month's time. The ozone gas reacts with olive oil and changes it into an off-white colored paste. The skin benefits of this salve are long lasting, and persist for more than 12 hours after being applied to the skin. If this ozonification process is interrupted in a short duration, then less than 10% of olive oil is saturated with ozone, and liquid ozonized oil is formed. The effects of this liquid, when applied to the skin, last from a few minutes to a few hours.

The principle on which it works

The first ozone generator was made by the renowned Tesla company. When this ozone treated olive oil is applied to the skin, it causes a slow release of ozone gas directly on to the skin surface. This unstable gas disintegrates and increases the levels of oxygen on skin surface. Oxygen or life air is vital for our being. At high concentrations, it reduces oxidative stress, destroys harmful free radicals, improves blood flow to the affected area, boosts immunity and promotes healing. Ozone dissolves the cell envelopes of fungi and bacteria, damages the virus capsid (envelope that covers the virus particles), prevents the viruses from coming in contact with healthy skin cells, and also inhibits virus multiplication. Ozone also stimulates beneficial enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. It improves the skin immunity, and helps prevent infections. The skin benefits of ozonized olive oil include the following :

1. Hastens wound healing

Maintaining skin integrity is essential to protect against dehydration, bleeding and entry of harmful microbes in our body. The speed of wound healing depends on many factors, such as size of the wound, blood supply of the affected area, presence of foreign bodies and infection in the wound, age, health and nutritional status of the individual, concomitant presence of diseases, and the medicines taken to treat them. Some wounds are slow to heal and become chronic, the common ones being venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers and pressure sores or bedsores. Incompetent valves and varicose veins are the causative factors in venous ulcers, that result in lack of nutrients and oxygen necessary for the repair. Abnormal blood supply and high blood sugar levels are the causes of slow healing in diabetic ulcers. Bedsores or pressure ulcers are commonly seen in individuals who are bedridden. Compression or repeated trauma to the skin, fat and muscle over a bony prominence for a long time, increased heat, maceration of skin from increased sweating, or contamination by urine or the watery serum oozing out of the wound itself, nerve damage and a reduced blood supply, all together act as predisposing factors for the formation of a bedsore. Ozone cleans and sterilizes the wound surface, increases the oxygen levels in the affected area and stimulates the growth of skin cells, so that the wounds heal rapidly.

2. Prevents skin herpes virus infections

A virus particle or virion consists of a length of genetic material, either RNA or DNA within a protein shell, the capsid. For a virus to produce infection, it must gain entry into our skin cells. Attachment to the cell surface is followed by entry of this virus particle into the cell and its multiplication to produce new virus particles. In active herpes, the skin cell itself gets destroyed during this process (lytic infection). Herpes simplex, caused by the Herpes virus hominis (HSV), is one of the commonest infections known to us. The initial episode of oral herpes begins with high grade fever, malaise, restlessness and dribbling. Drinking and eating are very painful, and the breath is foul. Gums are swollen, inflamed and bleed easily. Vescicles or blisters appear as white plaques on the tongue, palate, throat and inner lining of the cheeks. Recurrences are very common. During repeated episodes or reactivation of the virus, small, closely grouped blisters develop on an inflamed (reddened) base, frequently on the face, particularly around the mouth. Itching or burning sensation precedes the appearance of boils by an hour or two. Ozonated olive oil, when applied to these blisters, hastens recovery and prevents post-infection scarring.

3. Easy cure for bacterial skin infections

Normal human skin is colonized by a huge number of bacteria that live harmlessly as commensals on its surface, and within the hair follicles. At times, when the natural skin immunity is lowered, as due to atopic eczema or skin allergy, poorly controlled diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, malnutrition or alcoholism, or due to long term steroid therapy, then various disease causing bacteria begin to multiply on the skin surface. The common bacterial skin infections include the following :

  • Cellulitis : An acute or chronic inflammation of loose connective tissue.
  • Erysipelas : Bacterial infection of the dermis and upper subcutaneous tissue, that presents as redness, heat, swelling and pain, commonly on the legs.
  • Folliculitis : Infection or inflammation of the ostium or opening of the hair follicles, and extending slightly below it.
  • Furuncle : An abscess or accumulation of pus within a hair follicle.
  • Carbuncle : A deep infection of a group of contiguous hair follicles.
  • Erythrasma : A mild, chronic superficial skin infection resulting in patches of irregular shape, that are at first red, but later become brown, and occur commonly in the groins and the underarm area.

Ozone disintegration by-product, singlet oxygen moiety combines with water molecules to form peroxide ions, increased concentration of which results in damage to the bacterial cell membranes. This property is responsible for the antiseptic benefits of ozone.

4. Treats ringworm, skin yeast and other fungal infections

Fungi are ubiquitous, and capable of colonizing almost any environment. Fungal cells are enclosed by a rigid cell wall containing varying amounts of chitin. Within this wall is the plasma membrane that has a special fat ergosterol as its major constituent, instead of cholesterol, which is the binding material in human cell membranes. Both these unique characteristics provide survival benefits to the fungi, due to which fungal infections are quite resistant to treatment.

Pityriasis (tinea) versicolor is a mild chronic skin infection caused by Malassezia yeasts. It presents as discrete or confluent, scaly, discolored or depigmented areas, mainly on the upper trunk.

Ringworm or Tinea corporis infection appears on skin as sharply marginated, circular rings with raised edges. This disease can affect skin of any region on our body, but the most favored sites are scalp, feet, groins, face (especially the beard area), hands and nails.

Ozone disrupts the integrity of cell walls of the fungi, and also causes damage to the ergosterol component of the plasma membrane, preventing growth of the fungus (fungistatic effect).

5. Prevents body odor

Body odor, especially the offensive axillary odor is produced due to increased bacterial counts in the underarm area and other regions. The sweat that gets trapped in skin folds provides a fertile ground for the microbes to grow. Ozone helps in the elimination of these harmful bacteria and reduces body odor.


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    • travmaj profile image


      3 years ago from australia

      I'm a huge fan of olive oil especially for cooking. Now I can add ozonated olive oil to my knowledge - I'm impressed. Thanks for this information.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Sounds like a useful product.

    • Hezekiah profile image


      3 years ago from Japan

      Very good for dry skin too.


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