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P90X Results-My Personal Experience

Updated on April 30, 2012

P90X Results-My Story

If you read my other hub titled, "Why This 90 Day Workout Program Worked For Me-P90X Review,"then you saw my picture after doing the 90 day workout and already know that I definitely got P90X results!  However, I think the question remains, "How long do you keep these results?" and "What do I do after I get my P90X results?"

My P90X Results

My P90X Results
My P90X Results

P90X Results-Here To Stay?

I discovered that I started to get results from the P90X workout within the second week of the program. For me and a lot of people, the first thing you notice is the definition in your arms. Just feel them after the first 14 days and they already feel solid. Tony Horton's workouts aren't for babies! You need to "bring it" to every workout session and you WILL get results.

As the 90 day workout program continues, you will get more excited. The results you wanted are happening. However, as the end of the program nears, you start to get nervous; I did. "What will I do after this?" I asked myself. I began to feel like I was lost. For 90 days, you spent six days a week for at least an hour with Tony Horton. He was your mentor, your guide, and for a lot of people--their hero.

My husband and I had a family vacation planned at the end of completing P90X. We continued to work out on our vacation. However, when we came home, I wasn't sure what to do. My husband kept up with the P90X exercises on his own. He had lost twelve pounds and wanted to keep the trim look he achieved with P90X. He worked out to the DVD routines he liked best. We even purchased P90X Plus but neither one of us could stick with it on a regular basis. I ended up going back to running, and slowly, stopped strength training altogether.

What do you think happened once I stopped the strength training? You'd be right if you said I lost some muscle tone. However, I did start training for the Philadelphia Marathon the summer after I finished P90X, and my legs never looked better. I did stay trim from all that running, but my upper body just didn't have that chiseled look any more that I had become accustomed to. Not only that, my abs lost a little bit of the tightness that the P90X routines created. Yes, running helps your core, but if you aren't changing it up and creating muscle confusion like Tony Horton touts, your metabolism peaks and your body stops responding like it once did.

Motivation With Tony Horton-A Must See!

P90X Results-How To Keep Them

Training for the Philadelphia Marathon kept me busy. It helped me focus on my next goal. And guess what? I trained for it for 90 days! Through this training process, I found out that I need fitness goals, and 90 day workout programs work best for me.

Once the marathon was over, I found myself lost again. I ran regularly, but still didn't add strength training back into my routine. I was becoming increasingly more miserable about my exercise regime.

This past summer, I pulled a ligament in my foot when I stumbled in high heels (OK, I was wearing high heels in my garden--don't ask me why--and I twisted it when I jumped out of the garden to avoid a spider web). My running came to a screeching halt. This was probably the best thing that happened to me. I saw a commercial on tv for another Beachbody product called RevAbs.

My abs had become my primary problem since stopping P90X so I decided to get this new 90 day workout program. What intrigued me about the program is that every move works out your abdominal area, but interval training and weights are also a big part of the routines. I also needed to firm up my arms again, and keep the strength I had in my legs. I was in! This was going to be the workout for me!

Guess what? I have three weeks left of the 90 day RevAbs program and it has worked for me! I got my P90X body back PLUS better abs than ever before. PLUS this time around, I lost a few pounds. I did not lose weight with P90X.

What is the moral of this story? P90X results need to be maintained. They will go away if you don't keep up with your workouts. You can go back to the beginning of P90X and do it again, try P90X Plus, or some other program from Beachbody. You can even come up with your own routine.

For me, after I finish Rev Abs, I'm going to try another 90 day workout program--probably from Beachbody since I know their programs work. Or, design my own program using the DVDs from the programs I already have. I think the most important thing, is to have a plan and a goal.

Checkout the Beachbody products below.  Which one will you do?

What Do You Think About P90X?

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    • mmiller profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Good for you! I do find the 90-day workout programs work best for me. I need that fitness goal and 90 just seems like the magic number.

    • Broke Bloak profile image

      Broke Bloak 

      8 years ago

      Im just starting P90X and I have the same fear. Last year I spent $900 on a personal trainer. Worked amazing! I slacked off and eventually stopped working out. Now Im right back to the same body I despised before my trainer. I like your idea of 90 day goals. Maybe Il take 90 and do a gym routine and rotate that with my videos.


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