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Does P90X work?

Updated on September 17, 2012

P90X is marketed as a 90 day workout for those interested in getting in extremely great shape. I have had several bouts with P90X over time. Only actually managing to complete the 90 Days one time. I feel it is truly a great series of workouts. It is very intense. You don't need to worry about dieting substantially as your increased physical activity will likely take care of your weight loss needs. Even with my lack luster review if you feel you can complete P90X, I challenge you to do it once you feel so accomplished after you, not to mention in great shape. Just keep in mind P90X is not without serious flaws.

Not for the Weak of Heart

If you are considering P90X but wondering if you will be able to make it through. Save yourself the money, this is not some dance your way to fitness video set. It is a serious undertaking and unless you are a very determined person, you will without a doubt give up after the first few workouts. If you do decide on this workout series, it is imperative to begin with the attitude that you know you will be able complete it.

Warning: If you are not Already in Shape Don't Attempt

If you are not already in decent shape do not even think about attempting P90X. P90X is a serious and strenuous program if you are completely out of shape you will almost certainly injure yourself.

Great Workout...Not Sustainable

The name itself suggest going on a binge to get in shape. The whole idea is problematic. Most people buying into this type of strategy will complete the 90 days, get in good shape for several months, and then return to their former habits.

I have indeed gotten in great shape doing P90X before, however for a busy professional it is simply not sustainable. In fact I would challenge anyone other than a fitness professional who would claim that they are going to be able to maintain P90X over the long term. The workouts range from 1 to 1.5 hours in duration. It is hard to do much else while completing the workouts. They require considerable concentration.

A Much more Sustainable Alternative

If I have learned one thing during my time with P90X it's that there are easier ways to get in good shape. Watch your diet, this doesn't mean you can't splurge every once in a while, but you might cut back on the pizza.

Take up a healthy lifestyle and choose to complete some physical form of exercise each day. I tend to be partial to 30 minutes on the elliptical while watching one of my favorite TV shows. I also enjoy running outside in the warmer weather.

Find some friends for support.

Find what works for you.

Start slow and work your way up.

You will find lifestyle modifications will be much more sustainable and enjoyable than forcing yourself to do some workout video each day.


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