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What I Learned By Doing The P90x3 Workouts

Updated on July 8, 2014
Our hero after one of his P90x3 Workouts.
Our hero after one of his P90x3 Workouts.

Tell me something new about the P90x3 workouts!

  1. What can I say about P90X3 that's not already been said?
  2. What can I tell you that will not sound like a late night infomercial?

Well, I'll just tell you that it's doable.

That may sound like faint praise but I'm really giving the workout program high marks. You see it does no one any good to have a bunch of overly hard workout DVDs laying around collecting dust.

That's where the "Do" come in. Each workout is timed to be exactly 30 minutes. There's even a little countdown digital clock there on the bottom of the screen to keep you motivated.

I look at that little time keeper often!

I like to workout an do so regularly. But I'm 56 and admittedly not in tip top shape. Just an average guy trying to lose a few pounds.

So, yeah, it's doable in the sense that each exercise session is fairly brief. But, the workouts are a challenge- at least to me. Not an impossibility. Just a nice little challenge.

Some of the exercises, I can not do. Some I fly through. Some I do what I can - and improve the next time.

It does not matter where you start, I contend. It's just a matter of popping in that DVD every day when you're supposed to and going from there.

Take a Peek.

The Workouts in the P90x3 Base Kit.

  1. Total Synergistics. This workout uses compound movement exercise to work multiple muscle group in each exercise. exercising in this way is said to be one of the fastest ways to change body composition.
  2. Agility X. It is a cardio workout that focuses on precise and powerful movements to build strength, balance, flexibility, and power. This session helps you move more athletically and effortlessly in your daily life.
  3. The Challenge. That's a foreboding name, isn't it? Well, the challenge is "stacking" pull ups and push ups in a whole lot of variations. This session build your upper body and gives you more stability and functionality in your upper body.
  4. X3 Yoga. It's 30 minutes of rather "intense" yoga. If you've went through the one and a half hour marathon in the original P90x, this will seem like a walk in the park. Almost.
  5. CVX. Simply put, this is cardiovascular exercise combined with resistance. Adding a little weight to some basic cardio moves can really up the ante. I find it one of the most difficult exercise sessions. Bring lots of water and a towel. :)
  6. The Warrior. Named in honor of the United States armed forces, this is a body weight exercise session designed to be done anywhere. You just need yourself and Mother Earth.
  7. Isometrix. It's isometric exercise to build static strength while - at the same time - introducing instability. training this way builds up a base from which to work. It sets the stage for those other, movement workouts.
  8. Dynamix. You want free and easy movement? I do. Well this session stresses increasing your range of motion and flexibility while also enhancing your stabilization abilities.
  9. Accelerator. Exercising at two different speeds? That's right. Maximizing the efficiency of aerobic exercises with power based movement. Want to 'burn fat' more efficiently? this is your workout.
  10. Pilates X. Pilates concentrates on controlling the body through the core. It also emphasis balance and breathing. Pilates X adds modern scientific knowledge to the century old practice.
  11. Incinerator. Burn out. Bring it 'til failure. Simple stuff like push ups and pullups of all kinds. Curls and fly exercises. To failure
  12. Triometrics. If you've done the original P90X, you'll remember Plyometrics. This is the advancement to all that jump training. Each exercise is in 3 different stages that work you in unique ways. There is not as much downtime needed as there would be if you did one jump exercise for the whole time. You can work harder with less rest time.
  13. MMX. This is the martial arts workout. Whole body and fun.
  14. Eccentric Upper. Remember "negatives" where you'd lift the weight and slowly lower it fighting gravity? Eccentrics are like that with an explosive, almost plyo, positive phase. For a push up, for instance, you might lower your body slowly in plank position. one, two, three, four. Them you'd do the push up fast, as explosively as you can.
  15. Eccentric Lower. Same as eccentric upper but for the lower body.
  16. Decelerator. This exercise session concentrates on the landing. The idea is that you don't injure yourself when you jump but when you land. The session concentrates on helping you and me improve our capacity to protect our muscles, joints, connective tissues so that we can land safely and not get injured.
  17. Cold Start. This is a bonus warm up option. If you're wanting to - or need to - a few minutes more then you can just start your exercises here.

Have you tried it yet? What's your verdict?

5 stars from 1 rating of P90x3 Workout Kit
Yummy! | Source

Nutrition must not be forgotten

If you want to get real results, you cannot gloss over good nutrition.

Fortunately, P90X3 simplifies good nutrition with a 50 plus page guide.

and - more good news - you'll have a hard time misplacing it. It's attached to the Fitness Guide!

The nutrition guide stresses flexibility and usefulness. Tony Horton does not count calories. He eats when he's hungry.

That's the end goal of this guide. It's aim is to help you become an intuitive eater. One that knows how to eat healthy without having to consult a chart or follow a strict meal regimen.

Intuitive eating?

What that?

It's a simple, 3 step process that you and I need to get good at.

Step One.

Eat whole, healthy foods.

Step Two.

Exercise often.

Step Three.

Listen to your body as long as it tells you to eat something healthy. When it tells you to grab something not healthy. ....go to Step One.

Tony used to be a vegan.

Now in his fifties, he's not as strict and eats the right kinds of meat sparingly. He now calls himself a 'flexitarian'.

But don't worry if you are a vegan ( or a vegetarian or anything else ). The nutrition guide is flexible and inclusive. It is different from anything else I've seen . It's a useful guide, filled with helpful information.

There are HUGE differences. :)
There are HUGE differences. :) | Source

What are the differences between P90x3 and Focus T25?

Focus T25 is the other workout from Beachbody that has half hour workouts ( actually 25 minute in this case). The question arises, "What's the difference between T25 and P90x3?"

I was tempted to say the two workout programs are COMPLETELY different.

But after going through T25 twice and nearing the end of P90x3, I can see there are some similarities.

The most obvious similarity is the small time commitment.

Both programs were designed to counter the most common excuse for not exercising regularly.

"I don't have the time."

Well, with 25 minute sessions for T25 and 30 minute workout with P90x3, that obstacle has been very much addressed.

Both workouts are short but still effective. Recent research has shown that we can get most of the benefits of exercise in the first half hour anyway. After that it's diminished results for a number of reasons.

Another similarity. Both are complete fitness plans that utilize the latest information on nutrition and exercise.

Yeah, it's not just a set of workout tapes.

The T25 Get It Done nutrition booklet and the P90x3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated Nutrition Guide are integral parts of a comprehensive fitness plan.

Both plans are fairly simple and easy to follow. You'll get the best results by taking advantage of this important part of each program.

I think the nutrition guide that comes with P90x3 is one of the best I've even seen. The nutrition booklet that accompanies T25 is okay, but minimal.

But how are the program different?

Let's start with the workouts.

T25 is a 10 week program. It is 5 days per week. Monday through Friday. You do 2 workouts on Friday.

P90x3 is a 13 week program. It is a 6 day a week plan. You can rest on the seventh day or do the Dynamix workout.

I consider T25 more of a HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) workout. This is the program that helped me lose weight even in the cold winter months.

P90x3 is more of a comprehensive fitness program. There are more workouts. There are tons of cutting edge movements. Tony lets you catch your breath every now and again.

Tony Horton and Shawn T. are different.

I like them both as fitness instructors. Shawn T. is intense and friendly. Tony is a cut up. They both get me going.

You may prefer one over the other but they are both fine with me.

"Which one is best for me?"

Well, in my opinion, it depends on where you are at. If you have a lot of extra pounds to burn off, I think T25 work be the best choice for you. It's the one I lost weight with.

If you want to build muscle and get ripped, I would opt for P90x3.

In plan on going back to T25 after completing P90x3. Stripping off the pounds for a couple of rounds is my plan. Then I'll probably switch back to P90x3 to build some muscle.

Which workout do you prefer?

Which workout do you feel is best for you?

See results

Another point of view from a lady who has done both programs.

© 2014 Gaarf Rosewell

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    • Gaarf Rosewell profile image

      Gaarf Rosewell 3 years ago

      Thanks David,

      I've learned much from your articles as well.

    • dwelburn profile image

      David 3 years ago from Chesterfield, UK

      You've covered a lot of information here on the two programs. Glad you are doing well with them.