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P90x Exercise Program - Complete P90x Workout Guide

Updated on July 14, 2011

I'm sure if you've reached this website then you already know what the p90x home workout is.  In fact you've probably exerted yourself many times to the Tony Horton p90x workout; you've sweat to the p90x ab ripper workout; you've moaned and sighed about having to use the p90x chin up bar again; perhaps you've even cringed at the idea of following the p90x diet for one more day. 

Am I right?

The p90x exercise program is one of the hardest fitness regiments in the world today.  It's a workout that requires you to push yourself to the limit, consisitently, in order for you to get the results you desire.  The best part about the p90x workouts?  If you put in the time, work hard, you will get results.  It's a simple equation, one that doesn't need some post-grad math students to solve. 

The 'beach body' p90x workout can also be a little overwhelming.  The p90x schedule is long and full; it's time-consuming and strenuous; and for these reasons alone some of the key aspects of the p90x workout can be overlooked or forgotten.  This is why it's very important you follow the p90x schedule and have p90x guide you can follow. 

Following me?

This website is your ultimate hub (pun intended) for all your p90 workout needs.  The complete guide to one of the most difficult home workouts on the planet. 


P90x Chest and Back Workout

One of the first p90x exercises you will do, if you're following the schedule accordingly, is the P90x chest and back workout. The chest and back workout is one of the best examples of why the p90x workout routine actually works.

All the workout requires of you is a p90x chin up bar (any chin up bar will really do) and you're attentive mind. You'll be going through two different sets of exercises in a time period of around 40 minutes; the exercises include variations on push ups and chin ups.

This is the best example of p90x fitness because it's the workout that, on most occasions, you would have to go to the gym for. For p90x you could do the workout in your bathroom - Tony Horton won't care.


P90x Plyometrics

After you work on your chest and back the next workout on your p90x schedule should be the p90x plyometrics workout. As far as p90x workouts go the plyometrics workout is just as hard as the chest and back - probably even harder for some.

Plyometrics is also known as jump training, a very intense leg workout that intends to activate other muscles in the body at the same. The workout routines in plyometrics include many exercises that emphasize real world activities; for example in one move you'll be lifting things from the ground onto an invisible shelf.

The p90x plyometrics is one of the best workouts of the p90x exercise program.


Yoga X

One of the coolest things about the p90x workout is that it works every single fiber of your body. This means the workout isn't just physical but very much a test to your mental fortitude as well.

The best example of this is the p90 workout is yoga x. Yoga x is an intense yoga workout that forces your body into position you never thought were even possible by the human body - and, to make it even harder, Tony Horton makes you hold those positions. One of the best core workouts around is the p90x workout routine, Yoga x.

Yoga X will seem extremely difficult at first (you might not be able to do any of the poses), but after practice you'll be feeling stronger and more flexible.


Kenpo X

Let's see.

Chest workout - check. Leg workout - check. Mental and core workout - check.

Kick-boxing/cardio/martial arts workout - check.

That's right. One of the workouts in the p90x guide is a workout called Kenpo x. It's one of the most fun, and most rigourous, workouts in the p90x schedule, but it's also one of the most fun. It's a cardio intense workout that doesn't so much on getting your heart beat up (although it does that fairly easily) but on you peforming moves that you wouldn't normally before.

You'll be kicking in all directions, jabbing, blocking and even throwing a few hooks. It's the best p90x workout which prepares you for the real world.


Cardio X

Tony Horton knows that his p90x workout is tough; he knows that, some times, you won't be physically up to the challenge to perform one of the p90x routines. And that's okay - there is a solution to that.

The solution is cardio x, and supplement to the plyometrics and kenpo x workouts. You won't find cardio x anywhere on your p90x calender because you're never really supposed to do it; however, if you're feeling off one day, a little tired, it's a great replacement.

You'll still perform many of the exercises you would have normally, such as the 3 directional kick, and some jump squats, but you won't have to do as many or as many different variations. It's a great workout for days when you don't feel like working out at all.


Ab Ripper X

My personal favorite. Why? Because it's the quickest and easiest to do, but also one of the most difficult p90x fitness workout routine.

The p90x ab ripper workout is only sixteen minutes long, but it's sixteen minutes straight of core-intense exercises. Moves like the hip-rock-raise, and the painful fifer scissors are two of ten exercises that push you both physically and mentally to the limit.

Halfway through you'll be wishing you never started; then at the end you'll be thanking yourself for holding on and pushing through.


Although P90x doesn't have as many smiles as this, it's a great home workout.  Buy the p90x DVD today!
Although P90x doesn't have as many smiles as this, it's a great home workout. Buy the p90x DVD today! | Source

P90x Nutrition

One of the most important parts of the p90x workout schedule is the nutrition aspect. 

P90x nutrition will give you day by day how many calories you should intake as well as what kind of food you should eat and how you should cook that food.

By and by, with the inclusion of nutrition, the p90x home workout is the most elaborate and the most extensive home workout ever created.

What are you waiting for?

More on the P90x Exercise Program

The workouts above are the most rigorous and the most important workout routines out of the entire P90x exercise program. If you did just those you'd see results. However the p90x workout schedule is much more fuller than that.

Other p90x workouts are:

  • Shoulders and Back
  • Stretching
  • Core Synergistic
  • Biceps and Triceps

The p90x guide isn't truly complete without the above workouts; if want to get the most out of the program than i suggest following each and every workout to the very second of what Tony Horton is saying. You'll get the most results, and feel the most rewarded, if you do that.


Buy P90x DVD

It's one thing me telling you how good the p90x fitness program is; and it's another thing entirley when you go out and actually do it.

The p90x guide I have given you above is a good start and will lay the groundwork for a successful program, but it by no means should be all you use.

I'll state it simply: you need Tony Horton. He is the ultimate leader of home fitness, pushing you and encouraging you when needed.

Buy the p90x DVD today and you won't be disappointed.



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