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P90x Plyometrics Workout Exercises

Updated on June 30, 2011

Plyometrics P90x

The first thing that is always asked when it comes to plyometrics is what is it? It's a fairly new term in the fitness community and this is because the concept of it is new as well; in fact it was relatively unheard of a couple decades ago. But since it went, in a mix of words,'viral' it has become one of the most popular workouts around.

And rightly so.

Plyometrics calls into action all parts of the human body - core strength, legs, feet, mental toughness, and even a few more - and it doesn't stop there; it will push you to your limits, will you to a new level of power that you never thought possible. it will make sweat; it will make you burn; it will make you wish you were doing some more cardio. Seriously.

Are you surprised then that Tony Horton, the leader in home fitness, decided to incorporate a whole program dedicated to plyometrics? Probably not.


Some of the best plyometric training occurs in water.
Some of the best plyometric training occurs in water.
Many sports require what the plyometrics training will teach you.
Many sports require what the plyometrics training will teach you.

P90x Plyometrics

Plyometrics is also known as `jump` training or, as I like to call it, the most intense leg workout you can do. It's also very dynamic; this means it activates many body parts and thus is good training for any sport. Tony Horton, who runs P90x Plyometrics, is a big believer that you need to to train muscles exactly the way you will use them in the real world. This means that if your muscles are meant for specific procedures, then train them that way; and if, like in P90x plyometrics, the muscles are supposed to take a beating then train them in that same way.

Have you ever wondered why knee injuries are such a common occurrence? It's because the muscles around the knee, as well as the cartilage, hasn't been trained for it. Sure - many athletes who have knee injuries have been working out their entire lives - but they never truly train the knees for wear and tear. That's what Tony Horton, and the P90x plyometrics program, want to do: it's hardcore enough that your muscles will take a beating, and specific enough that you won't hurt them in the process, so that when you go out in the real world, or play sports, they will be ready for any strenuous activity.

With that in mind be prepared to do a lot of jump training; find a big enough space where you can move around - there will be some cardio - as well as jump around. Make sure you have water, and make sure you have enough energy to complete the program. It will push you to the limit.


You won't exactly do this, but leapfrog is an exercise is p90x plyometrics.
You won't exactly do this, but leapfrog is an exercise is p90x plyometrics.

P90x Plyometrics Workout Guide

The workout starts out easy and simple enough. You'll begin with a few jump squats; these are when you jump as high as you can, and then coming down, bending the knees - like a squat - and touching the ground, You'll do this in a few different variations in sets of four; in other words, yes, you will be burning after just fifteen minutes.

Next is lunges. These are sort of a cool down from the squats, but, if it's your first time, you will still feel the burn. In fact it actually works more muscle groups then the squats so you may even feel more burn while doing these. Mostly you will feel the burn in your quads and calves.

After that you'll do many unique plyometric exercises which focus on jumping into the air, and then landing with strong balance. Some of my favorite are sets which include jumping over an invisible bit, as well as doing 360's and 180's. Cool.

Here is a list of the workouts you will be doing in the P90x Plyometrics workout:

  • Jump Squat
  • Run Stance Squat
  • Airborne Heisman
  • Swing Kick
  • Squat Reach Jump
  • Circle Run
  • Jump Knee Tuck
  • Jumping Lunge
  • Twist Combo
  • Rock Star Hop
  • Gap Jump
  • Military March
  • Lateral Leapfrog
  • Hot Foot

Example of P90x Plyometrics Exercises


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm starting my 2nd 30 days of P90X today and trust me, the plyometrics workout is the hardest one of the bunch. I still haven't been able to make it all the way through, although I am able to go a bit further each time that I do it. My heart rate stays north of 140 bpm for the entire hour and routinely gets up to 160+. It's an incredible workout. Even Tony and his team who are doing the video are totally wasted when it's done!

      If you can ever get to the point where you can do this entire workout without having to hit the "Pause" button at least once, then you'll know you're in great shape.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I completely agree with Zimmer. My first day of Plyometrics, I decided to do what they say and just do my best. I was still in extreme severe pain the next day. I had to take a day off but I was not as sore when it was time for Yoga. The yoga helped stretch my muscles and made me feel so much better. I have heard of some serious injuries from this video though.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good information, plyometrics has definitely been one of the greatest things I've done in my training. It really helps in developing muscle power

    • profile image

      Pete Morris 

      8 years ago

      Great article! Great information about the knee muscles, and good to know that you can do something to address that muscle imbalance. Enjoyable read!

    • profile image

      Zimmer NexGen Knee Recall 

      8 years ago

      Good hub, it is very useful for me right now. Cause I am like a private nurse of my mom. She was just undergo a Knee surgery. I bookmarked this page.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I"51 and a rather big guy, 278 lbs, and I just want to caution everyone, p90x is great, but try to do what the women are doing, and don't allow your ego to get the best of you, because injuries can occur and sideline you.

      If you don't feel comfotable doing one of the videos then don't do it. Yoga caused me to tear my acl.


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