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P90x X Stretch Routine

Updated on January 17, 2018

I'm sure by now you've already heard of P90x. I mean if you've found this article, then you must have already peformed some of the other works, like ab ripper x, or the rigourous yoga routine, and you're feeling a little sore. Am I right? Because if I'm right, and you are feeling a little sore, then you've come to the right place.

Out of all the P90x workouts the one that is the most overlooked, the one that seems to be forgotten about the most, is the P90x stretch workout exercises. People will say, 'Oh, I can skip that one. It's not important', when the fact is, when it comes down to it, the X stretch workout is one of the, if not the, most important routines Tony Horton will ever show you.


Because stretching is fundamental in keeping the body in the best shape it can be, and is especially important in avoiding injuries and giving you physical longevity. P90x stretch x is no different in showing you how to keep your body in good shape; Tony Horton has numerous different stretches that, when done effectively, will allow you feel good for a longer period of time. It's a sort of endurance that's vital to any athlete.

The P90x stretch workout routine? One of the best ever.


Although you won't do many yoga exercises, you'll be doing a few in X stretch.
Although you won't do many yoga exercises, you'll be doing a few in X stretch.

P90x X Stretch

P90x X stretch is a 60 minute program full of a variety of stretches that will work every muscle in your body (think yoga x, but easier and more relaxing. Kind of ironic, don't you think?). P90x X Stretch is usually done after you've done many of the other workouts a few times; many people will decide to do the P90x X stretch workout on day 25; the workout is long and, by that time, you'll be ready for a long, resting break.

In my experience on the days you do the X stretch routine you should also go through your diet plan and check how you're doing. As it's an off day, doing both together, and implementing both effectivley, will allow you leave feel not just physically better but mentally as well.

There are many stretches is the P90x Stretch program that I like specifically. One of my favorite is the Side twist. With th side twist you'll be in a forward fold and you'll twist your body in both directions; this doesn't just give you a good back stretch but a great hamstring stretch as well.

Other classics like the bow pose, seated two-led, and frog on hands and knees (things you'll do during yoga exercises as well) are in the P90x X stretch routine, making it a workout with variety, one that compliments, and builds on everything you've done thus far.


P90x X Stretch Workout Guide

Remember it's vital that the P90x X stretch is not overlooked. There have been cases where someone has opted to skip stretching throughout the challenge and, by the end of it, although they are ripped and strong, may a few muscle pulls from overexertion.

If you follow the stretches to the tee, though, you won't have this problem.

  • Sun Saluations
  • Neck Stretch
  • Back Up the Car
  • Head Rolls
  • Expand Chest
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Forearm Flex
  • Dreya Stretch
  • Cat Stretch
  • Glute Stretch
  • Arm Circles
  • Should-Tricep Combo
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Camel
  • Roller-rolling on ball
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Back Hero
  • Quad Stretch
  • Frog
  • Seated Stertch
  • Standing Hamstring
  • Downward Dog
  • Upward Dog
  • Child's Pose

The good thing about X stretch workout is it's one of the easiest. Compared to yoga X this one is a walk in the park. Plus Tony is much less intense, but just as instructive and helpful.



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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Insanity is for women, Hulk want muscles, Hulk no like body weight as resistance, Hulk need weights and pullups! Insanity for puny people

    • mmt2966 profile image


      8 years ago

      I love the eP90x workout as well...I like to switch P90x and Insanity.

    • jjenkins238 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Great hub! I do P90X but i always skip the stretch routine...


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