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PAGG stack 2.0 - what's in it for you?

Updated on April 5, 2011
New PAGG 2 - spot the difference
New PAGG 2 - spot the difference

PAGG Stack 2.0... upgrade and outsource the stack!

Anybody successfully accelerating their slow carb diet weight loss using the original PAGG stack - Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Green tea flavanols and aged Garlic extract - is already aware of the synergistic effect these 4 ingredients have on fat burning and body recomposition. Each has a measurable effectiveness used in isolation, but it is when combined that the significance becomes dramatic.

The good news is that the research continues, and the Pareto Nutrition market-leading PAGG stack has now been improved in several significant ways.

No Tea at Bedtime

The single biggest customer enquiry about starting on PAGG has always been the concern about the effect of green tea flavanols on sleep. This is despite the fact that Pareto's PAGG stack uses decaffeinated ECGC only, and the existence of one single customer complaint amongst the thousands of bottles of product so far shipped.

However, once Tim Ferriss stated his revised recommendations to omit the bedtime dose of ECGC/Green Tea (in a corrections and clarifications blog following the publication of the Four Hour Body), Pareto tested and confirmed that this particular ingredient was most effective directly acting on food eaten at mealtimes, and that the recommended daily dose could just as easily be split across the 3 pre-meal doses and omitted from the bedtime one. Sorted. This is the only brand of PAGG on the market that contain's Tim Ferriss exact current recommendations, to the microgram, and taking account of latest findings.

Better quality Alpha-lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic Acid is a naturally occuring substance, but the reason you need to supplement in the first place is that it's only present in low concentrations in foods - extraction isn't a commercially viable option, so the ALA you buy in capsules is synthesized in a lab. This creates some qualitative issues, there's a little more chemistry to understand if you're interested  but the main thing is that the new stack - PAGG Stack 2.0 - contains only the biologically active R-ALA.

Simple, Secure Delivery

Continuing with the trademark brightly-colored capsules - which protect the volatile contents from light and moisture till you take them, then rapidly dissolve on ingestion to permit immediate action of the active ingredients - the only change here is that the bedtime dose is now contained in a single blue capsule - PAG (Policonsanol, ALA and aged Garlic extract). So that's 3 red ones for daytime, one blue at bedtime. Personally I find this does make a difference, as I dislike the feeling of capsules in my throat just enough to find 2 at bedtime a little awkward to swallow (sorry). One is definitely better.

Price Held

This was the most surprising thing for me, given the considerable extra R+D costs that have gone into upgrading and refining the PAGG stack. Not only have Pareto held the price the same, they are still doing free shipping worldwide.

Need any more reasons? OK I have now lost over a stone on the slow carb diet plus PAGG stack, without ever once feeling hungry, or doing any significant exercise. It works - that's the only reason I can recommend it. If you have weight to lose, or fat to lose (not necessarily the same thing, and the effect of PAGG is particularly on fat burning and body recomposition), then I seriously recommend that you take a closer look at PAGG stack 2.0.


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