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How to buy the PAGG stack supplement in Canada

Updated on April 23, 2012

The publishing phenomenon Four Hour Body, launched to worldwide acclaim towards the end of 2010, has been another huge success for Four Hour Work Week author Tim Ferriss. Not surprisingly then the various health accessories and products he recommends in the book have also been subject to massive demand, from his army of readers seeking the same results.

The PAGG stack – a unique supplement stack made from Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea flavanols and aged Garlic extract – is a good example of this. The four ingredients have long been available as separate supplements, sold for various health benefits including weight control. But the new approach of combining them into a single supplement has lead Tim Ferris to discoveries of their synergistic properties – each one acts upon the other as well as the food eaten, to build an effect that is significantly greater than the sum of the parts. As the Four Hour Body is all about getting the maximum impact from the minimum possible activity/input - whether that is diet, supplements or exercise – this is a super-important outcome, that Ferriss’ loyal fans have seized on promptly. Whether seeking to lose or gain weight, there are few people out there who will have bought the 600+ page book who don’t want to achieve better health outcomes and body recomposition of some sort, and the PAGG supplement stack is huge asset in achieving this whatever your needs.

The difficulty for many though has been obtaining supplies of the supplement as a stack – for example, in Canada, PAGG is not manufactured anywhere as a single product. Of course creative and resourceful slow carb dieters keen to get maximized results have not been put off by that, and many have created their own stacks by purchasing the different ingredients and trying to assemble their own supplement stacks. But it’s fraught with difficulty, because the different doses and delivery methods involved in mixing different manufacturers products can completely defeat the purposes (for example, compressed pill forms might dissolve too slowly to hit the bloodstream in time to affect the food eaten). It can also be tricky simply getting hold of the right stuff – ECGC is the green tea flavanol of interest, but because of the quantities involved getting decaffeinated extract is vital, even if you are a natural espresso junkie. And Alpha-lipoic acid is a volatile antioxidant and needs to be stored and taken in light-opaque capsules to ensure maximum potency. Tim Ferriss’ latest recommendations, in blog updates to the book publication, is to omit the ECGC entirely from the bedtime dose – it’s complicated, precision is required, and DIY is not the best way to go.

Luckily though for Canadian PAGG fans, Pareto Nutrition in Georgia is now shipping all over Canada direct for FREE (time-limited free shipping offer) using USPS Priority mail. Shipping to Canada is fast, however Customs at the border is sloooow – if you are in Canada you will be aware that this can put off many mail order suppliers south of the border. However if you are desperate to get your hands on PAGG more quickly, there is an Express and FEDEX option as well. PAGG customers in Canada are advised to order in good time to allow for curious Customs officers (who can take either hours or a week to clear your goods), and Pareto’s carefully designed iconic red and blue capsules will be with you as soon as possible. Here’s to your PAGG-enhanced slow carb diet success!


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