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PAGG stack supplement in the UK

Updated on May 3, 2011

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ legions of fans in the UK couldn’t get their hands on their own edition of the Four Hour Body book until the local release of February 2011… but it would take more than that to stop the British ‘Four Hour’ enthusiasts from simply operating in the global marketplace, and simply ordering the US edition direct from (or downloading the e-reader version) back in December when the book first launched. Such was the launch hype around Ferriss grand new project, they weren’t worried about whether the pounds were converted into stones or not – the Brits just wanted to get hold of the slow carb diet program in any format, and start getting the benefits of the dramatic and powerful body recomposition opportunities it offered.

Along with diet and exercise recommendations, Ferriss also suggested a number of different food supplements to enhance the slow carb diet – distinguishing precisely between food for nourishment/calories, and supplements/drugs taken for specific biochemical effect. The most innovative and impactful of these has got to be the PAGG stack supplement - comprising Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, aged Garlic extract, and Green tea flavanols, in precise combination to enhance the slow carb diet program for maximum fat/weight loss and body recomposition.

There was an additional obstacle for UK slow carbers to overcome though: because there is no local supplier or manufacturer of a combined PAGG stack. This presented challenges on various levels, because it’s not just about getting the right ingredients and proportions…. The quality matters as well – for example, the difference between the bioactive ‘R’ form of alpha-lipoic acid (R-ALA), as opposed to the cheaper and more commonly used racemic mixture (R and S-ALA). Aged garlic extract as specified by Ferriss, (instead of fresh), is also a less common variant of a common supplement – and achieves far better outcomes both for body recomposition outcomes and short-term digestion. Then how about the green tea flavanol ECGC, which is the most effective and active flavanol BUT if taken in non-decaffeinated form is likely to leave the dieter nauseous and strung out…? There’s a lot to get right…

Consider too that for the greatest effect the ingredients must be metabolised simultaneously as a supplement stack – taking separate supplements, even if all are high quality capsule-delivered products, they could still dissolve and assimilate differently. This would miss the whole synergistic effect of taking the supplement as a combined stack, where the different effects enhance one another to become greater than the sum of the separate parts involved.

With this minefield of potential for error, it’s great news for Four Hour Body readers in the UK that these challenges are now resolved: Pareto Nutrition in the US are supplying their bespoke top-quality PAGG stack supplement, via USPS first class mail direct to clients across the UK. With the best exchange ratio for many years between pounds sterling and the US dollar, coupled with Pareto Nutrition’s time limited FREE international shipping offer, there’s never been a better time for UK customers to get started with PAGG, and enjoy all the body recomposition benefits it has to offer.


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