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A Plant for Everything

Updated on January 25, 2015

Edelweiss & Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller

Kingdom of Plants Heal All

It’s amazing we don’t notice the inner magic of plants growing all over Mother Earth. Hidden within them are essences, powerful energies, and properties that may banish any aliment prone to mankind. There are plants that have unique uses and help with the darnest problems. Feel a discomfort? There's a plant awaiting. Need any enhancing? And there's a plant contemplating. We just need introducing.

The plant called Rocket Sweet (Hesperis matronalis) is a sweet deceit! The flowers stimulate your glands causing an aphrodisiac reaction. It's perfume is released only in the evening, a very romantic flower for the terrace.


Lavender, Valerian, Aroma Blend, Ylang Ylang and even Lemon in testimonials keep it down.

COTTON (Gossypium herbaceum) source for our useful cotton fiber. It contains gossypol which is anti-viral and anti-parasitic and has proven most curiously to be a male anti-infertility drug in studies by the (WHO).

DUSTY MILLER (Senecio Cineraria) is a silver-white fanciful leaves that would look lovely with any flower in the garden. One to two drops of its juices in the eyes is said to remove cataracts.

EDELWIESS The famous white-wooly flowered plant (Leontopodium alpinum) sung and famous in the Sound of Music, Edelweiss is more than music. Widely cultivated in Europe, Edelweiss not only helps respiratory problems and dysentery, it neutralizes free radicals and blocks the formation of superoxides associated with aging. It also strengthens the walls of the capillaries and can be useful for varicose veins. It’s a flower miracle and superb for the elderly.

AMERICAN EPHEDRA (Ephedra nevadensis) know as Mormon or Desert tea, is native of the southwest in the United States. The foliage is similar to horsetail. This plant can be used as an excellent coffee and tea substitute and used for asthma and the kidneys.

Betony (stachys officinalis) is a perfect substitute for black tea and is caffeine-free!

NASTURTIUM (tropaeolum majus) the young leaves of Nasturtium are a lovely 'pepper' substitute and high in vitamin C. Seeds when green and immature, can take the place of capers for sauces.

FLAX-FIBRE (Linum usitatissimum) For fiber production this type has longer stronger fibers than ordinary flax. Proof the plant was already being used as early as 30,000 B.C. was found in a cave, with flax fibers spun and dyed In the Republic of Georgia.

MILKWEED (Ascepias syriaca) the shoots when young and tender are eaten like asparagus, but the silk-like seeds are used to stuff pillows.

FO-TI (Polygonum multiflorum) is a climber and pronounced in Asia as (he-shou-wu). It’s the legendary Elixir of Life of the orient. Professor Li lived 256 years taking Fo-ti at an early age. It’s a tonic herb used in Chinese medicine and its roots restore the blood, liver and kidneys.

GHOST EGGPLANT Norligbuitsa (Datura metel) West African herbalists the Ewe tell everyone wishing to use these herbs to offer a prayer and gift to the plant or beware this plant will turn and harm his patient. It is useful in healing swellings. If misused turns its prey into zombie-like slaves.

GYNURA (Gynura procubens or Leaves of the Gods) is another Asian climbing herb that can be tamed into a bush if pruned. It is used for diabetes lowering blood sugar unlike antidiabetic drugs. This herb lowers blood sugar preventing damage to the retina and kidneys. Additionally, it lowers high blood pressure, blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and is an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Another plant for diabetes is the Cinnamon Yam (dioscorea oppositifolia) or the Chinese yam. It has white cinnamon-scented flowers that love to climb and edible tubers. It’s used to treat diabetes along with asthma, and emotional instability.


Senega (Polygala tenuifolia) or Siberian milkwort is excellent for asthma, coughs, and phlegm. In Chinese medicine it’s used for poor memory, depression, heart palpitations, and most surprisingly, is an herb that helps release pent-up emotions.


The Luffa (Luffa aegyptica) loofah fruits when ripe can be dried and used as a dish sponge. It’s often called the ‘Dishcloth gourd.’ It’s a wonderful bath companion as it exfoliates the skin in a natural manner. You can grow this plant in your yard, and go all-natural.


Nigella (Nigella Damascena), or love-in-a-mist, its seeds can be used in a sachet in closets or drawers in place of moth balls.


Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) by steeping the roots in water you can obtain a beautiful skin rinse or soapy bath for delicate fabrics. When agitated, soapwort lathers like soap! It also relieves itchy skin.

TANSY beautiful little button flowers that are a natural cockroach and ant repeller. Eucalyptus is also a cockroach repellant.

Plants for sponges, insect repellants, tea, spice, cures, immune defense, incense, there is a plant for all our needs.And here, we've covered a various assortment of odd-use plants. What a wonderful world and what a joy plants are!



Edelweiss Sang


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