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PMS Relief

Updated on March 11, 2010

PMS And You

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -1:

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS for short is woman specific,menstrual period related,monthly recurring condition affecting millions of women.PMS is treatable through medications and simple lifestyle changes.PMS symptoms usually start at the age of twenty,subsides or less severe after the age of thirty five and totally disappears after menopause.

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -2:

Most of the women suffering this condition accept it as an unfortunate fact of life.In fact you may be amazed to know that mild symptoms like moodiness,fluid retention and cramps indicate that your reproductive system is normal and healthy.

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -3:

If you are a severe PMS sufferer you may feel as if your whole body’s metabolism has gone into turmoil and wait desperately for it to end.You may experience few or all of these symptoms such as headaches,cramps,feelings of bloating and breast tenderness.These symptoms are so wide ranging that there is no cure all.

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -4:

The menstrual cycle brings about more than 100 physical and emotional changes and can be dealt with by making lifestyle changes to reduce the discomfort. Though generally this condition is more annoying than disabling,for about 8% of PMS sufferers these symptoms are severe which bring about severe physical discomfort accompanied by depression.The onset of PMS starts about a week or two before the periods and stop suddenly as soon as bleeding starts.

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -5:

The menstrual cycle causes a flurry of activity in the female reproductive system every month .This starts with the release of a single mature egg from the ovary.When the egg waits in the fallopian tube the ovary also releases the hormones estrogen and progesterone to activate uterus lining creation for the egg development.If the egg is not fertilized,the uterus starts the monthly regenerative process of discarding the uterus lining by trickling out chemical substances called prostaglandins.These chemicals have the quality to constrict blood vessels and stimulate contractions for the release of the uterus lining.This process triggers symptoms like cramps that may start about a week before the period and remain till the period is over.Prostaglandins have inflammatory and pain causing qualities due to which PMS symptoms appear.

PMS Relief|Remedies|Treatment|Control fact -6:

If you have milder symptoms,mere lifestyle changes may be enough.For moderate to severe PMS you may need medications.The Combination of both life style changes and medication will help.The following tips may help.

1.Exercise regularly.

2.Eat healthy high protein,high fiber,low fat food.If possible avoid meat.It is found that vegetarians have fewer PMS symptoms compared to meat eaters.

3.Add calcium supplements to your diet.Calcium is found to be helpful against breast tenderness,bloating and moodiness.

4.Magnesium levels in the body fall during the last week of your menstrual cycle hence magnesium supplements help against headaches and irritability.

5.Take vitamin B complex.This vitamin acts in conjunction with magnesium to help body produce mood regulating chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

6.Normal over the counter pain relievers such as aspirin will help if you have pain.


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