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Updated on June 12, 2016

We can conclude teenagers today are very lucky because they were born and grew up in the era of information technology is growing rapidly. They were provided with a wide array of communication so that almost all forms of information can be reached fingertips in a short time. However, if all of the facilities and technologies available today are really able to produce youth who are able to think positively and mature?

Positive thinking can be defined as a way of thinking or have a certain way of thinking, decisive and permanent. In other words, positive thinking teenager is a teenager who has a permanent establishment or consistent about something and not easily shaken. However, adolescents who mature teens also can be defined as a point of perfection or maturity in his thinking.

If we ponder, young people are actually able to contribute, including in terms of energy, expertise, ideas and knowledge of the country. Adolescence is an age of tremendous value. It is said that because this is the age when teenagers will begin to highlight the potential of his real self. Teenagers will be more mature and daring to try something new. However, in the context of these adolescents should be wise to choose the right and suitable to their interests or the potential for him. If you chose the wrong path, certainly will invite consequences.

A young age is not a barrier to young people to make a meaningful contribution to the country. Some young people of our country have proved that they are able to put Malaysia on the world stage despite the young age. These include Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Hafiz Syahrin who is currently competing in the motorcycle world championship and had a few podium finishes. Similarly, Datuk Nicol Ann David who has become an icon of squash and record holder of world number one squash player's longest.


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