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Pre-menstrual tension - Hormonal changes or imbalance can be helped with some natural remedies.

Updated on September 3, 2016
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A monthly curse
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Bach flower remedy

Pre-Menstrual Tension (PMT) or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is usually experienced by some women for 7 to 10 days before their period. In some cases this may be as long as 14 days i.e. half the entire menstrual cycle. Symptoms can range from fluid retention, swollen abdomen, tender breasts, headaches and sickness. Emotionally depression, weepiness, food craving and most importantly irritability can range from mild to violent.

The use of essential oils coupled with nutritional care has been shown to produce excellent results.

Massage aimed at lymphatic drainage using Geranium and Rosemary essential oils can minimise fluid retention. This should be carried out twice a week timed to a day or so before fluid retention is experienced. A rich carrier oil such as Evening Primrose or Apricot Kernel should be used. Very often reducing fluid retention can remove the other physical symptoms.

To reduce depression and irritability a Camomile, Petitgrain, Bergamot and Rose essential oil massage or bath will help enormously.

Nutritionally vitamin B6 and B complex and Evening Primrose Oil capsules are successful and removing all refined starches and processed foods and reducing sugar, coffee, tea and tobacco and increasing fruit and vegetables will be a great help.

Pre-Menstrual problems can also be assisted by the use of oestrogenic oils and progesterone herbs which are used widely in assisting mensuration.

Here we are looking at period pain or menstrual cramps which can be helped by the use of antispasmodic essential oils such as Marjoram, Camomile and Lavender applied via a hot compress over the abdomen or massage on the lower back or abdomen. Some care needs to be taken when choosing antispasmodic oils as some are emmenagogues (will bring on scanty periods). If your period is normal to heavy you should avoid Clary Sage, Myrrh, Basil, Juniper, Rosemary, Fennel and Sage which can otherwise result in very heavy periods. All of these oils must be excluded if there is any chance of being pregnant.

If the period is very heavy then the use of Geranium, Cypress and Rose can help with regulation. Rose is especially useful in all kinds of menstrual problems as it neither increases or decreases the flow or frequency but is a uterine tonic.

To support progesterone level wild yam has been found very useful in treating PMT although recently agnus castus (chasteberry) has been found to be better.There is a liquid tincture called agnolyt based on agnus castus which is taken at the rate of 10 drops morning and night and has very good results. Do not take if you are taking HRT.

Clinical trials of 500 women took 300mg of calcium four times a day and reported significant relief from mood swings, depression, bloating, food craving and headaches.

An excellent success rate has been achieved using course of acupuncture or using Reiki therapy

Probably one of the most successful treatments is to make sure your partner understands the hormonal changes that take place on a monthly basis and is a little more tolerant and supportive.

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